Friday Fives (Mysteria Friends) – Five Beautiful Moments

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I tried to highlight my favourite scene in my season review of Mysteria Friends and ended up mentioning a bunch of them, so I figured I would dedicate this Friday Fives post to my top five moments… this could get tricky!

Friday Fives (Mysteria Friends) – Five Beautiful Moments

Mysteria Friends was a ten-episode season and each episode was only fifteen minutes long so it should be easy to pick a favourite moment, let alone five. Well, that’s what I thought before committing to this post. It turns out that this series is just delightful and is packed full of wonderfully memorable moments which is surprising given its laidback approach to storytelling. So, I’m not sure if I’m going to do it justice here, but I’m going to try to pick just five moments so that I can talk about them a little more.

5. Time Apart (Episode 4)

In episode four, both Anne and Grea need to dedicate some time to studying for their exams. However, that’s harder than it sounds. One day, Anne decides to search for Grea. She finds her playing the piano in a field of flowers and can’t help but stand in silence. Another time, she returns to the same place and the flowers have withered. It’s also raining and Grea is nowhere to be seen. I think of this as a reflection of how Anne sees her life with and without Grea, which was only amplified by their time apart.

4. Wait for Me! (Episode 1)

Anne and Grea were having breakfast together as both are princesses and the others, while polite and attentive, are clearly in awe of them and keep a safe distance. However, when the guardian of the library is disturbed and goes on a rampage, Anne is asked to help. She asks Grea to wait for her thinking it’ll be a quick thing. It kind of was, but cleaning up the aftermath that Anne created took far longer than she had anticipated. She went back to the dining hall as the sun was starting to set and was surprised to find Grea still sitting there, waiting for her. This is clearly an early indication of their feelings for one another.

3. To Save Grea! (Episode 2)

Anne was called to the nurse’s room and found Grea lying on the bed. Her body was on fire, sweat dripping from her pores. She couldn’t speak or even respond to anyone. They didn’t know enough about Dragon-kin to help her. Anne raced to the library with her bodyguard, Owen. They entered the forbidden section and raced through magical worlds and vistas searching for an answer to Grea’s condition. They returned with what they hoped would help, however, it turned out that Grea was simply shedding and once the process had finished, she was back to normal. Anne was so relieved. I loved the forbidden area of the library and how Anne raced in without hesitation.

2. Hide ‘n’ Seek (Episode 7)

Anne and Grea were on library duty together and once school had finished they decided to play a little hide ‘n’ seek. Grea found Anne quickly thanks to her heightened senses, but that just made Anne more determined to prove that she was just as good. However, Anne couldn’t find Grea. She searched everywhere and every time she found nothing, she became a little more upset. Eventually, she stopped at the main counter and then sat on the floor crying. Grea swooped down from the ceiling and asked her what was wrong. It wasn’t about the game. Anne was worried that there may come a time when she couldn’t find Grea anymore and that scared her. This was a wonderfully sweet moment and showed, Anne’s vulnerability.

1. Learning to Swim (Episode 6)

It turned out that Anne couldn’t swim, so when the school went to the beach for the day, Grea was determined to teach her. Of course, with magic, Anne could walk on water so why would she need to swim? Grea was not taking no for an answer, especially after finding them a secluded cove where they wouldn’t be seen. Anne learnt pretty quickly once she realised she could float in salt water. They stayed in the water all day and were even there to watch the sun go down. There was a brief moment where we saw their shadows beneath the water and I’m absolutely convinced they kissed. I’m disappointed that they felt they needed to hide it like that, but that doesn’t change my mind about this being my favourite moment in the series. It was stunning and beautiful.

Final Thoughts

After a couple of shows that left me less than impressed, it’s nice to find something that hit all the right notes. Mysteria Friends was a fantastic series that left me grinning from ear to ear. It didn’t push the stakes one bit and that worked for this series. There will be other times when I would find that incredibly annoying, but not here. As I so often say, characters are king. If they connect with you, you will watch them do just about anything. Anyhow, these were my five favourite moments from Mysteria Friends and I think I could have picked ten. There was something in each episode that caught my attention.

Well, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed revisiting this series to pull this post together. Just scanning through the screen grabs was enough to take me back into the story. Anyhow, have you seen Mysteria Friends? What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading.

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