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It’s the first day back at school after the winter break and Tohru is excited to see how Haru and Momiji are settling in, but an unexpected visitor drastically changes the mood.

What did you watch?

The big question still remains unanswered and that is how long is season one of Fruits Basket? This was episode 12 and there appears to be another yet to come, so we could be going for thirteen, twenty-six, or who knows, maybe even the full sixty-three… Anyhow, we’ve got lots to talk about with this episode, so let’s get on with it. There will be spoilers after this.

Fruits Basket Episode 12 Yuki And First Year Girls

What happened?

So, it’s the first day of the new school year and also Haru and Momiji’s first day at their new school with Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo. Saki enlists Kyo to locate the new Soma’s when she learns of their arrival. He initially refuses but then Tohru offers to go with him. They track down Momiji and Haru and are a little surprised to see that Momiji has chosen to wear a girl’s uniform and that Haru has customized his look somewhat.

They’re not the only ones to have noticed too. The student council president arrives and is determined to put these rule-breakers in their place. He obviously didn’t count on the appearance of Dark Haru who is also quite the fighter with his words. He manages to convince the president and his assistants that Momiji isn’t hurting anyone and that his hair is its natural colour. He then offers to prove it to Tohru too…

Fruits Basket Episode 12 Yuki And Kyo Knock Down Haru

What did you think?

I thought this episode was excellent, but also quite unlike any of the others so far. The first half of the episode focused on Haru and Momiji which was hilarious. It really was funny and left me laughing out loud more than once. I can’t get enough of Dark Haru or Kyo’s reactions to just about anything. Then, the mood of the entire episode flipped in a heartbeat as Tohru ran into Akito. The change in the episode was staggering and truly spectacular. I’ve not felt a shift like that in a while.

Fruits Basket Episode 12 Tohru pushing Akito away from Yuki

What was your favourite moment?

Saki is a complete mystery and an enigma. Those two words are synonymous, but it still makes sense with Saki. She could even by a mysterious enigma or an enigmatic mystery. Anyhow, I loved the way she threatened Kyo into going and finding Haru and Momiji. She truly is terrifying, but it a good way.

Fruits Basket Episode 12 Kyo Threatened By Saki

What was your least favourite moment?

This was a simple one. You could feel the shift in the mood as Akito talked to Tohru, but once Yuki intervened it sucked you to a dark depth that threatened to reach out of the screen and imprison you in its icy depths. When Akito stepped towards Yuki and told him off for missing New Year, she looked like evil personified. I’m still convinced that Akito is a woman or even androgynous. Anyhow, that’s not important right now, but it really felt like it worse just going to get worse and worse until Tohru appeared out of nowhere, pushing Akito aside. I don’t think I breathed for the entire scene.

Fruits Basket Episode 12 Akito Threatens Yuki

Who was your favourite character?

Easily Dark Haru. Every time he’s on the screen great things happen. Whether he’s fighting with his fists or his mind he really is a force to be reckoned with. I’m looking forward to seeing much more of him, especially now that he’s in the same school as them and has meet Saki and Arisa. On a side note, did you notice his face when they were playing badminton? Brilliant!

Fruits Basket Episode 12 Dark Haru Versus Student President

Who was your least favourite character?

Wow! So, this is another very easy one. That would be Akito. She was an incredibly menacing character who showed just what she would and could do if people crossed her. I’m very curious home the Soma clan came to be this way and what Shigure’s plans have to do with everything. Part of me thinks he’s trying to take over, but only time will tell. Also, that was quite the death stare Kyo gave Akito from the window.

Fruits Basket Episode 12 Kyo Gives Akito Death Stare

Would you like some more?

I feel like with the first real introduction of Akito this series has suddenly found a new life. It was already very entertaining beforehand and I’m sure the heartfelt and emotional moments will continue, but now there’s some real mystery and menace bubbling to the surface and it’s great. I’m still very curious how many more with have in the first season, but if it keeps this level up, I will gladly watch all sixty-three week after week.

Fruits Basket Episode 12 Kyo And Tohru When They See Momiji

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  1. Good episode review. Just a note about Akito. The cast consistently refer to Akito as “kare,” though, meaning “he,” rather than “aitsu” or “koitsu,” which are gender-neutral, or “kanajo,” meaning she. So if Akito actually is female in sex, it seems like they would rather be known as male in gender. I think he’s just a guy, though.

    • There’s been a couple of small things so far that make me think Akito is a female. It entirely possible I’m wrong as I’ve not seen the original or read the manga, but that’s my gut feeling. Guess we’ll find out one way or the other in the next 51 episodes…

    • True, I don’t know either. I did see the 2001 anime once, but I don’t remember anything beyond the story concepts and the characters of Yuki and Kyo.

    • I think they’re being more faithful to the source this time. Apparently Shigure didn’t get as much development the first time either so there’s clearly lots that didn’t get used. It’s going to be interesting.

  2. That line about “Akito breathing in new life” is spot on, and exactly what the series needed right now. I don’t expect him/her to show up again anytime soon, but the little bit in this episode really helped dial things back into perspective.

    • Yeah, it changed everything actually seeing Akito interact with others. The way Yuki and Kyo reacted told us so much and I can’t wait to find out exactly what Shigure is up to.

  3. I kind of felt Akito wasn’t quite as formidable as I would have liked. The reactions of the other characters sold the gravity of the situation but Akito themselves was just kind of there. I didn’t feel menace from them but I felt the panic of Yuki and Kyo. Still, it was a great episode.

    • Agreed, it was less about Akito and more about how everyone else reacted. Even Tohru found herself reacting which was massively out of character.

    • I know. Tohru thinks positively of everyone and yet when she saw Yuki’s reaction she instantly went into protection mode. It had a big impact.

    • I loved that she seemed as shocked as anyone by what she did. It was amazing how the mood of the episode flipped in an instance.

    • Yeah, it would have been horrible to end the episode without breaking the tension.

  4. ” I’m still convinced that Akito is a woman or even androgynous.”

    That’s an interesting idea! I have no idea, and like 7mononoke, I’ve only watched the original anime series. But there’s something deeply unsettling and disturbed about Akito.

    Tooru’s response was fantastic.

    Do you get a sense Akito is malevolent? Psychologically disturbed? Or something else? I can’t pin it down…

    And I have no idea why, with even the older Soumas not seeming happy with the leadership, all of the Soumas acknowledge Akito as the leader. there’s probably some tradition thing that I’m missing.

    • Yeah, there appears to be no questioning Akito’s authority. It does make me wonder if that what Shigure is up to.

      I can’t wait to see some of these questions get answered.

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