Fruits Basket (Episode 13) – How Have You Been, My Brother?

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On the way back from Yuki’s garden Tohru comes across a pile of clothes. Maybe it’s another Soma. Before she can think, however, something slithers into her clothing!

What did you watch?

So, this was episode 13 of Fruits Basket and I think it might be my favourite episode yet. I’m not sure how many times I’ve said that, but as long as it keeps happening then I can’t really complain. Presumably, we are entering the second half of the first season. There’s still no confirmed length so we’re just going to have to sit back and enjoy it until it stops. All right, there will be spoilers from here on.

Fruits Basket Episode 13 Snake Ayame Tohru And Yuki

What happened?

Tohru stumbled across a pile of clothing on the path back to Shigure’s house. She crouched down to inspect them when a snake slithered up her leg and inside her dress. As you’d expect, she screamed and Yuki came running. More than a little annoyed, Yuki took the snake to Shigure and demanded that it be skinned and cooked. Shigure refused, asking how he could do that to his own brother.

After a brief interlude, Ayame regained his human form and reentered the room. Yuki and Kyo seemed even more annoyed, while Shigure and Ayame greeted one another in a flamboyant style. As if to make a point about the boys relying on Tohru to cook and clean, Ayame whisked her away to buy her lunch. There, they discussed Ayame’s relationship with his younger brother, Yuki and Tohru offered him some advice based on what her mother had told her.

Fruits Basket Episode 13 Snake Ayame Shigure And Yuki

What did you think?

I’ve already said that I think this is my favourite episode yet and Ayame was a large part of that. His interactions with Shigure were excellent and the flashbacks to his school days even better. I loved the way he told the principal about his hidden past so that he could keep his long hair. All around, everything Ayame did was hilarious, even down to the way he would refer to Shigure as Gure and Hatori as Tori. Such a fun character.

Fruits Basket Episode 13 Snake Ayame And Tohru

What was your favourite moment?

So, may funny moments, but the interactions between Ayame and Shigure were my favourite. The casual flirting and innuendo that seemed to put Kyo and Yuki on edge, but sailed over poor Torhu’s head. It was also funny that she couldn’t work out what kind of shop Ayame ran. Such a sheltered little flower. That probably made the link between her and Ayame even funnier.

Fruits Basket Episode 13 Ayame And Tohru

What was your least favourite moment?

I don’t think I can come up with a single one. Even the small moments were great, like Shigure offering Kyo a bowl of chives and leeks. He just can’t stop playing with everybody. It was another very effective episode and much more lighthearted than some of the others. It was definitely a welcome change in tone from last weeks episode.

Fruits Basket Episode 13 Shigure

Who was your favourite character?

Every image in the post has Ayame in it, so who else could it be? He was a whirlwind of fun and frivolity that just swirled in grabbed Tohru and danced away with her. There was one moment that really stuck with me and that was when Ayame mentioned Akito. He said that Yuki had more reason to fear Akito than anyone else, meaning that everyone has a base level of fear for Akito. So, what power does Akito hold over the Soma clan?

Fruits Basket Episode 13 Ayame And Hatori

Who was your least favourite character?

I think in this episode it is Yuki and not really because he did anything wrong, but how can you not enjoy Ayame? He did seem to take steps towards a better understanding of Ayame by the end thanks to Tohru, so that was nice.

Fruits Basket Episode 13 Yuki and Ayame

Would you like some more?

Definitely. I think the series so far has done an incredible job of introducing the eclectic mix of characters in a fairly natural manner. I don’t feel like any of the introductions have been too forced and that’s impressive given how varied and bizarre some of the characters are. Hopefully, going forward, we’ll get to see more and more little nuggets of information about Akito, the curse, and Shigure’s plan.

Fruits Basket Episode 13 Ayame And Shigure

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