Fruits Basket (Episode 21) – I Never Back Down from a Wave Fight

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The Prince Yuki fan-club has had enough of Tohru hogging their idol and are planning on doing something about it. The main obstacle as far as they’re concerned is Saki, but is it wise to try to take her on?

What did you watch?

All right, that’s enough Somas for now. Instead, it’s time to focus on Saki. Hopefully, we’ll find out about how she met Tohru and came to be one of her best friends. This is episode 21 of Fruits Basket. I’ll admit when I started this series I had no idea it was going to be so long, but even at this stage, you’ll hear no complaints from me. As you may expect, there will be spoilers. It’s time to turn on your waves…

Fruits Basket Episode 21 The Yuki Fan-club Plans to Remove Tohru

What happened?

The Prince Yuki fan-club boast to have about half of the female students as members. They have been keeping an eye on Yuki and it’s hard not to notice Tohru always hanging around with him. Well, the time has come to do something about it. Tohru must be eliminated, however, there is one thing standing in their way. Something so utterly terrifying and inhuman that they will need to find a weakness before proceeding.

So, the fan-club representatives manage to convince Saki to allow them to come to her house to ‘write a report on waves’. They think they’ve fooled her, but you don’t fool Saki. She knows exactly what they’re up to. Arisa asks if she can come watch. Saki agrees and asks Tohru if she would like to come, but she has work and then Kisa and Hiro are coming over to watch videos.

Fruits Basket Episode 21 The Yuki Fan-club President Worried

What did you think?

So, I didn’t get my Saki back story and I’m fine with that. It helps to maintain the mystery that is Saki. It was actually quite refreshing to have an episode with very little Tohru in it. She is a great character, but at times she seems all too perfect and at the same time quite vacant. At least with an episode focused on Saki, you know you’re going to get some dark and mysterious happenings. It was fun, had a nice message about not forgetting about what others want, and gave us more Saki.

Fruits Basket Episode 21 Megumi Talking Curses

What was your favourite moment?

It was funny seeing the three members of the Prince Yuki fan-club the next morning all believing that they had been cursed. They confronted Saki, but were troubled to discover that the curse takes three days before it begins. Good luck sleeping now, girls! Haha! I also enjoyed Saki’s little brother, Megumi. He was like a mini version of her, but even more dark and mysterious.

uits Basket Episode 21 Saki Warning The Yuki Fan-club of the Curse

What was your least favourite moment?

Even though I enjoyed this episode, it felt like it was missing something and overall it felt kind of timid. There were lots of fun moments where the girls were imagining Saki’s house or what she would do to them, but otherwise it just kind of plodded along.

Fruits Basket Episode 21 Tohru Arisa and Saki

Who was your favourite character?

I think it was Saki, although Megumi was very close behind. It was funny how she read the girls intentions with ease and then with the help of Megumi turned it all back on them. There were lots of little funny moments like when she told them not to say their names out loud in her house without explanation. That’s funny. I might start doing that to visitors.

Fruits Basket Episode 21 Relaxed Saki Smiling

Who was your least favourite character?

Obviously, it’s the girls from the Prince Yuki fan-club. Whatever their reason, setting out to destroy a friendship is inexcusable. Doing so because they were jealous makes it obviously worse. Then the fact that they hadn’t even considered what Yuki wanted shows just how shallow and self-centred these girls were.

Fruits Basket Episode 21 The Yuki Fan-club visiting Saki's House

Would you like some more?

This episode felt like a little detour from the main story and it was fun. I’m looking forward to getting back to trying to work out what’s going on with the Somas. We’re approaching the end of the season, so things should start to ramp up for a big finish, hopefully. Really, I just want to know the connection between Kyo and Kyoko, and no I won’t stop going on about it. Also, I know it’s probably a way off, but what is Shigure up to? So many questions still to be answered. Lots to look forward to.

Fruits Basket Episode 21 Dark Saki

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