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Kyo is reunited with his master, Kazuma Soma. He hopes that now that Kazuma is returning to his dojo, that he will take Kyo with him. Kazuma has much bigger plans for Kyo though, plans that no one is ready for.

What did you watch?

This is episode 24 of Fruits Basket which means there is one more episode and we’re done the first season. There have been some truly unforgettable moments in this series, but this episode will stand above them all. I was not ready for this and had never expected it to go in this direction. Get ready for the spoilers, although if you haven’t seen the episode yet, make sure you do that first. Trust me, you’re going to want to go into this one knowing nothing!

Fruits Basket Episode 24 Kyo and Shisho Reunited

What happened?

Everyone but Kyo is busy welcoming Kazuma Soma to the house. He isn’t one of the zodiac somas but is a part of the main family and the martial arts instructor. Kyo storms off to his room, which gives Shigure the chance to introduce Tohru. Kazuma asks which room is Kyo’s and goes off to find him. Typically, Kyo was unable to show any true emotions in front of the others and once alone with Kazuma he gets to welcome his master properly.

Kyo hopes that Kazuma will take him back with him, but Kazuma thinks that staying with Shigure and Tohru is best for him. Later, Kagura overhears Kazuma and Shigure talking on the rooftop, it’s unclear exactly what they are planning on doing, but Kagura understands. She disappears to her room and waits. Kazuma asks to speak with Tohru later and as expected, she agrees. Next Kazuma has Kyo meet him in the garden. It’s raining and Kyo is not too happy about it, but that’s the least of his worries…

Fruits Basket Episode 24 Shisho talks with Kyo

What did you think?

This is why I love anime. This episode sums up everything that is truly wonderful about the medium and the style of storytelling. Only in anime can they do something so completely unexpected and it still feels natural. They’ve done such a great job of slowly adjusting our expectations and understanding of the world in which Fruits Basket takes place that it makes perfect sense. This episode was incredible on every level. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Fruits Basket Episode 24 Kyo hugs Tohru

What was your favourite moment?

So, Kazuma had spoken with Shigure, telling him of his plans. He’s arranged to meet Tohru and had Kyo meet him in the garden. The tension was insane. I loved how it slowly cut to the others, watching or listening as the events that they were waiting for unfolded. It was just such a wonderfully designed sequence that I’m pretty sure I forgot to breathe. Finally, after Kazuma had finished lecturing Kyo, Tohru arrived, much to Kyo’s horror. It suddenly got much worse when Kazuma slipped off Kyo’s bracelet and he transformed into the true form of the cat spirit!

What was your least favourite moment?

Watching Kyo’s flashbacks where the parents stand around judging Kyo is hard. How they can all do that is beyond me. Luckily, Kazuma stepped in and reassured Kyo, taking him under his wing. It seems oddly common in anime for parents to be incredibly judgmental of children for not grieving or reacting in a certain way. I hope it’s one of those things that has been embellished for effect. Also, seeing how Kyo noticed that his mother checked that he was still wearing the bracelet many times a day was brutal. Maybe, it was instinctive and unintentional, but the damage it did to his confidence was telling.

Fruits Basket Episode 24 Young Kyo after his mother's death

Who was your favourite character?

It can only be Tohru. Her courage and conviction to follow Kyo and try to reason with him was admirable. She’s always been a bit flighty and wishy-washy, but this time she knew what she wanted and what she had to do no matter the cost. And to come back after he knocked her away was stunning. Only Tohru could react this way and again, it was completely believable. This is the character we’ve come to know and even faced with a cat-demon, she did not waiver.

Who was your least favourite character?

Kyo’s mother was obviously dealing with a lot and while that doesn’t excuse her actions, it’s still hard to blame her. Young Akito could easily get this for just being Akito, but I don’t think Akito was in it long enough to warrant more than a brief mention here. It’s also impossible to pick any of the other characters as they listened to the events unfolding outside the window. They knew what was coming and you could really sense the dread. Equally, the relief on Kazuma’s face when Tohru returned was a great way to close out the episode.

Fruits Basket Episode 24 Tohru and Kyo in cat form

Would you like some more?

I’ll admit that I am looking forward to the end of the season and mostly because I’ve been covering this series for twenty-four weeks now. That said, I will miss it and will be eagerly anticipating the second season where I’m hoping to find out the connection between Kyo and Kyoko. Sure, we’ve just had a pretty massive secret revealed about Kyo and it was incredible to watch, but I doubt that’s the reason he was coy in the cemetery or whispered that he was sorry into Tohru’s ear as she slept. There’s much more to this series to come and I really do want… no, not want… I NEED to find out everything.

Fruits Basket Episode 24 Tohru stares at Kyo's true form

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  1. “This is why I love anime.”

    I think this is the perfect description of this episode.

    I saw the original, so I knew this was coming.

    Let me say that knowledge was no defense.

    Dang, this was good stuff…

    • I just love the way the medium can throw a curve-ball at you like that and still feel completely normal. On top of that, to have the patience to wait until the twenty-fourth episode to drop something like that into the story is incredible.

      I think it was a great weekend for the seasonal shows all around. Dr. Stone and DanMachi II were also great. I watched these three back to back to back and was wrecked by the end of it.

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