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It’s the morning after Kyo’s big reveal and everything is back to normal… well, not Kagura and Yuki, or Kazuma. Fine, it’s just Tohru and Shigure. They’re normal, everyone else is a little off!

What did you watch?

I can’t believe I’ve finally reached the end of season one of Fruits Basket. For the longest amount of time, I had no idea how long the season would be and I’ll admit I came in expecting twelve episodes. So, this was episode 25 of Fruits Basket and it’s the morning after the shocking events of episode 24. Let’s get straight into things. Get ready for some spoilers.

Fruits Basket Episode 25 Kyo upset that Kazuma would leave without saying anything

What happened?

Kyo woke up to find that Kazuma had already left. He ran down to find Shigure having breakfast who informed him that Tohru was walking him to the street. Kyo raced out after them sprinting down the stairs. At the Street, Tohru and Kazuma spoke. He talked about his grandfather being possessed by the cat spirit and how he had treated him then. Maybe taking in Kyo was a way of making amends with his grandfather, but he realised that he loved him like he was his own son, but his actions last night, going against Kyo’s wishes didn’t give him the right to think that.

Kyo finally caught up with them and demanded to know why he left, the sparred a little, before Kyo revealed that he hoped that one day he would have grown enough to be able to make him proud of him and think of him as his son. Well, he does and they sparred a little more. Kazuma then blocked a punch and closed his fingers around Kyo’s fist. That’s a hug in the martial arts world. Later that day, Haru spoke to Tohru having noticed that everyone seemed a little off today.

Fruits Basket Episode 25 Haru and Tohru

What did you think?

While this episode didn’t have the shock power of the last episode or any particularly great moments like many of the other episodes leading up to this point, it was nice. It did enough to close off the first season and leave us with enough intrigue to carry on. There were two students at school that we’d not seen before who seemed interested in Yuki, well, one of them did. Then there was Rin who talked about the curse and Shigure. Finally, we saw Shigure with Akito’s head in his lap looking thoughtful. What does it mean? It means we’ll have to be back for season two!

Fruits Basket Episode 25 Shigure and Akito

What was your favourite moment?

When Kazuma and Kyo were sparring slash discussing their feelings, there was a moment where both had expressed the same thing, but neither really acknowledged the other. All I could think was give him a hug already Kazuma. Then he caught Kyo’s fist and closed his fingers around it. All right, that’ll do. There’s definitely been more than one occasion in this series where everyone would have got along better had they only said what was on their mind. It was an oddly nice moment though… the fist hug!

What was your least favourite moment?

I was surprised that no one really said anything about the previous day. Surely, something needed to be said about the cat spirit. If not from Yuki and Kagura because they were obviously both affected by Tohru’s reaction to it, but Tohru and Kyo should have said something. He just turned into a cat monster that smashed a cliff. I feel like there needed to be some sort of discussion.

Fruits Basket Episode 25 Breakfast with Shigure, Kyo and Tohru

Who was your favourite character?

I thought the moment where Yuki caught up with Tohru and tried to say how he was changing and doing it to be a better person for her. Some of his examples were a bit odd, like being able to tie his tie faster. Whatever, it was a weird and good moment, but then came the wall slam… can I call it a slam? It was more like a wall lean, but we all knew what he meant by it. So, just for the weakest wall slam in the history of anime, I’m going to make Yuki my favourite character of the episode.

Fruits Basket Episode 25 Yuki Wall Slams Tohru

Who was your least favourite character?

I made no secret that I didn’t like Hiro when it was his episode and him popping up at the end to talk to Rin. Do we know Rin yet? I don’t think so, but she’s in the hospital and it looks like she’s about to be let out. Anyhow, she has an interest in Shigure and the curse which is very promising, but why does Hiro need to be involved? Can’t we just write him out of the series already? He was on the screen for barely a couple of seconds and that was too much.

Fruits Basket Episode 25 Hiro

Would you like some more?

Well, I guess I better pick it up again when season two comes around… Of course, I want more. There are so many unanswered questions and I get the feeling it’s only going to get more mysterious and possibly a little darker. Maybe Tohru will finally stand up for herself… Maybe that’s wishing too far. Either way, I have really enjoyed this series and am glad that it was recommended to me. Fruits Basket is not my normal type of show, but that’s even more of a reason to watch it. It’s good to branch out and try new things.

Fruits Basket Episode 25 Dinner Party at Shigure's

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