Fruits Basket (Episode 3) – Let’s Play Rich Man, Poor Man!

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Despite Tohru’s best efforts, she can’t seem to stop Kyo and Yuki from continuing to try to best one another. They’re both so stubborn, it’s looking like an impossible task.

What did you watch?

Somehow, the spring schedule was flying by. At this point, I was very happy with my selections. There have been some concerns, but I was confident that things are heading in the right direction. If only, I’d known what awaited me. Not with this series, however, this one just seems to get better and better. Get ready for some spoilers.

Fruits Basket Episode 3 Arisa Tohru and Saki

What happened?

It’s the cultural festival at school and Tohru’s class has been given the task of producing the rice balls. There have been some reasonable suggestions and then there was Kyo’s suggestion which involves some sort of deathmatch. Naturally, Yuki shoots him down and goes in a different direction.

Kyo confides in Tohru about how much he envies Yuki and his ability to talk to people. Later as Yuki walks Tohru home from work, he tells her that he is jealous of Kyo’s ability to allow people close to him. Not only are they complete opposites, but they both envy each other.

Fruits Basket Episode 3 Kyo

What did you think?

There were some funny moments and some sweet moments. I am enjoying this series despite it being far from my usual choice of show. It is starting to get interesting too as more and more of the Soma clan appear, despite no formal introduction yet.

Fruits Basket Episode 3 Saki Wins Everything

What was your favourite moment?

There’s was a heartfelt moment where Yuku was confiding in Tohru. She was just about to say something sincere when a drunk office worker stumbled into her and told them to get home and stop flirting. Unfortunately, he knocked her into Yuki turning him into a rat.

Fruits Basket Episode 3 Tohru bumped into Yuki

What was your least favourite moment?

Yuki seems to have quite the temper and lashes out at Kyo without warning. Seems to be fairly cruel and more than a little unstable, whether he’s jealous or not, that’s no reason to act out like this. I definitely prefer Kyo to Yuki so far.

Fruits Basket Episode 3 Tohru and Kyo with cats

Who was your favourite character?

She was only briefly in this episode and the others, but I love Tohru’s friends. They are crazy and protective. It was awesome when Arisa slammed her lead pipe down on the table of the girls making fun of Tohru’s ideas and also when she challenged Kyo to a game or rich man, poor man. I look forward to them showing up more and more.

Fruits Basket Episode 3 Arisa with Lead Pipe

Who was your least favourite character?

I still don’t like Yuki too much. There’s something about his demeanour and way of speaking that just seems to run me the wrong way. Sure, he had some touching moments like the vegetable garden, but then he ruined it by force-feeding Kyo a chive rice ball.

Fruits Basket Episode 3 Yuki

Would you like some more?

Yes, surprisingly I am looking forward to the rest of the season and where it takes us. I think at this stage I’m on Kyo’s side, but really I just want more of Shigure and Tohru’s friends.

Fruits Basket Episode 3 Arisa and Kyo to play Rich Man Poor Man

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