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It’s the penultimate day of their summer break and Momiji has brought fireworks so that they can truly celebrate. Akito has to head home to deal with an issue, but decides to finally pay Tohru a visit first!

What happened?

Things seemed to be going well at the Soma summer house. Momiji had brought some fireworks for a big finale and Tohru was happy that Kyo and Yuki seemed to be making strides. Then, when she was going to let Momiji know that his show was about to start, she overheard him talking with Kyo. Meanwhile, Akito seemed to be annoyed at Shigure and accused him of not being nice enough. Of course, Akito blamed Tohru for the change. Before Shigure could object, Kureno interrupted with a family emergency. That meant that Akito would have to head home immediately, but not before paying Tohru a late-night visit.

Momiji was the one to see Akito waiting outside and asked what was wrong. Akito demanded that Momiji wake Tohru, but when he refused, Akito punched him. Tohru who couldn’t sleep ran to stop Akito, but soon found herself in a terrifying situation. Akito told Tohru about what will happen to Kyo after high school and how the others would all ultimately return to the estate and live there. Tohru questioned Akito’s beliefs and asked what Akito was to the zodiac. Akito leant in and said “I’m like a god to them!” and then scratched Tohru’s face.

Fruits Basket Episode 35 Akito

What did you think?

Well, I knew something was coming, but to see Akito straight up confront Tohru and reveal her god-like status was intense. I don’t think Akito is a god in the all-powerful sense, but the position as the head of the Soma family has certainly got to her. I’m still sticking to my belief that Akito is a woman and I think the fact that she hates Momiji is because Momiji dresses like a girl when she can’t. There is obviously some sort of supernatural connection and I think we saw it when Kyo was being dressed down by Akito so it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. I wonder if Kyo could be the one to finally stop Akito as he’s not part of the actual zodiac.

Fruits Basket Episode 35 Tohru

What have you learnt?

I’m amazed at Tohru’s strength of heart and how she inspires those around her. She’s a clumsy goofball in reality, but you cannot fault her convictions. She wants to break the curse and quite frankly if anyone can it’s going to be her. I thought it was interesting to see Shigure end up on the wrong side of Akito, although it doesn’t seem to faze him. He definitely looked like he was about to ramp up his own plan. I’ve also learnt that I really, really, really want to see Akito knocked down. Whether it’s in the physical or metaphorical sense, I don’t really mind. This series has ramped up the intensity over the last couple of episodes and I hope it keeps going.

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