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They’re home from their summer vacation and Tohru rushes to the Soma estate to talk with Kazuma. Meanwhile, Kagura catches up with Kyo demands that they go on a date together.

What happened?

Tohru was understandably shaken from her trip to the Soma summer house and the presence of Akito was an undeniable factor. Even after everything she’s learnt, Tohru still wants to break the curse and free Kyo and Yuki, and the other Somas. She goes to the only person she can think of that isn’t a part of the zodiac members, Kazuma. He’s unfortunately not as much help as he would have hoped, but he gives Tohru somethings to think about.

Kagura is excited that Kyo is back from their vacation and tracks him down. He wants to tell her something, but she refuses to listen until he goes on a date with her. Having reluctantly agreed, Kyo meets up with Kagura who then takes him to the place that they first met and explains that her reasons for liking him, even falling in love with him, were entirely selfish and that she was sorry. Kyo tells her that he will never love her, but he’s thankful that she was his friend.

Fruits Basket Episode 36 Kagura confessing to Kyo

What did you think?

I’m not crying, you’re crying! Seriously, this series is incredible. The way that it’s able to juggle all of these characters and continuously hit emotional moments like this one is a wonder. I felt so sorry for Kagura as she explained how she pitied Kyo and it helped her to deal with her own problems being a zodiac child. Her reaction to seeing Kyo in his true form is entirely understandable. She was a child and seeing that would have been terrifying. I think she’s judging herself too harshly by comparing her reaction to Tohru’s who was much older and closer with Kyo when she saw it. Either way, it was a beautiful and bittersweet moment when Kagura realised that she really did love him and that it was never going to be returned. Also, it was a genius idea to save the opening music and enhance that scene.

Fruits Basket Episode 36 Young Kyo smiling

What have you learnt?

I feel like I’ve mentioned this a few times recently, but all characters need their own motivation and goals. This is handled so well in Fruits Basket and is one of the reasons that we can seamlessly switch between the focus characters for each episode and not get lost or bored. Every character is a fully fleshed-out character and not just there to move the story forward or prop up the main characters. They could all very easily be the star of their own story. When crafting a story, it’s a great idea to plot out all the characters storylines, even if you only use parts of it. It will definitely give them life.

Fruits Basket Episode 36 Kagura realisation

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    • It really is. I feel like I could study this series over and over again and keep picking up new things.

    • Ikr. I went back and watched season 1 after the Akito reveal and there were clues about it really early on that completely went over my head.

    • Ooo! And now I need to go back and rewatch it. Maybe once this season has finished.

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