Fruits Basket (Episode 47) – That Isn’t What I Want

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Yuki continues his honest and frank discussion with Kakeru where he reveals his true feelings for Tohru. Meanwhile, the rest of the class continue to prepare for their production of Cinderella and things aren’t going to plan.

What happened?

After hearing Yuki’s confession, Kakeru pointed out that it’s not uncommon for guys to seek out a girl that’s similar to their mother, even if they don’t realise they’re doing it. Yuki, however, just confirmed that he wants Tohru as a mother and doesn’t see her in the way that a “man should see a woman”! Kakeru then asks Yuki if he’d like his mother… Anyhow, before things can get too odd, Kakeru throws a soccer ball at Yuki and then as they continue the strange debate Kimi shows up and punches Kakeru in the gut.

Kimi says she’s come to check up on Yuki after he said he was feeling nauseous (three-episode ago). He confirms that he’s feeling better and returns to check on the play. Unfortunately, things don’t appear to be going too well. Kyo ditched rehearsals and Tohru is sobbing and apologising for trying to play the evil step-sister and failing. She’s extra determined after Ayame’s visit to measure everyone up for their costumes after he offered to make them all.

Later, Yuki tells Kyo that Tohru has the hat that he left with Yuki all those years ago and it seems to have struck a nerve. They then have a bit of an argument in the stairwell at school in which Yuki tells Kyo to stop making Tohru wait. Before leaving, Kyo punches through a window, cutting his hand. Kyo finds Tohru and tells her he’ll try to take the play seriously.

Fruits Basket Episode 47 Kimi catching Kakeru with a sucker punch

What did you think?

I feel like this little arc with Yuki has gone on just about long enough. The fact that Yuki started his conversation with Kakeru back in episode 45 shows that. However, I can’t help but enjoy Kakeru’s take on things and the explosive appearance of Kimi always adds to the entertainment. Then, throw in Ayame and Mine and all of the slow melancholy of the episode fades away. One thing that I am still struggling with is that if Yuki wants Kyo to be his friend, he should probably stop antagonising him. He’s acting like Kyo’s tsundere girlfriend.

Fruits Basket Episode 47 Ayame and Mine

What have you learnt?

I mentioned in the last episode that I felt they could have made better use of the hat and it seemed that they realised that too and tried to do something with it after the fact. It felt forced to me and I struggle to believe that Kyo knew exactly what Yuki was talking about straight away. It feels like we’re going through a little bit of a slow build as we move towards the end of the season. Can this one end as spectacularly as the first one? Only time will tell, but I doubt there are many more monstrous cat spirits!

Fruits Basket Episode 47 Kyo and Tohru

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  1. In the manga, Kyo sees Tohru holding the hat the night before they all go to the beach. And he immediately glares at Yuki. So it makes more sense Kyo knew what Yuki was talking about here.

    • Cool. Funny that they would leave that out of the anime. It wouldn’t have taken much time to include. Thanks for the info.

    • Also, he’s aware that Tohru has the hat when he overheard her talks with Uo and Hana in season 1 episode 6 (also in the manga version).

    • Thanks. I just rewatched that episode to see what you were referring to and I’m not overly convinced. He heard them talking about a hat, but never looked in or saw what hat they were talking about. And I’m pretty sure that everytime Yuki or Kyo has gone into her room, they made a point of it being hidden, either it fell on the floor behind her bed of something similar.

      It does seem unlikely, that neither of them would have noticed it in the year they’ve been living together though, so who knows. Thanks again for bringing this up. It’s interesting looking back now that we know more of what happens.

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