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With all of their tasks finished, the student council is planning an end of year party, but Machi doesn’t want to come. Talking of the end of the year, that means it’s time for Akito’s banquet…

What happened?

Machi has spent her entire life focused on being better than Kakeru. It wasn’t her choice, but her mother drilled it into her effectively draining her enthusiasm and making her feel empty inside. That must have made it even more frustrating when Kakeru flipped out and forced his mother to withdraw him from the competition to become heir to their father’s business. Despite Machi’s feelings towards Yuki, he’s been able to stump her twice with what should be simple questions. She finds herself going to the year-end party and ends up at the mercy of Kakeru’s games.

Also, Shigure and Yuki are going to Akito’s banquet this year and so that Tohru isn’t left at home alone with Kyo, Shigure arranges for them both to stay with Shisho. At the banquet, Akito is pleased that Yuki had decided to return to her side. However, Yuki ends up talking about how he’s trying to improve himself and no longer blames others for the things that happen to him. This enrages Akito and she lashes out hitting him with a bottle. The banquet draws to a halt as Hatori checks on Yuki’s injury. Momiji also delivers a copy of Tohru’s school play to Kureno!

Fruits Basket Episode 49 Machi watching Yuki and Kakeru

What did you think?

I was pleased to see Yuki really coming out of his shell and the play fighting with Kakeru seems like something that would never have happened when we started the series. As much as Tohru has changed Yuki’s perspective on things, Kakeru has been the real catalyst. It feels like Yuki has a real friend for the first time and not someone that idolises him. The mocking and fights feel realistic for close friends that understand and respect one another. It’s interesting to see Machi’s perspective on things too and it appears to be rubbing off on her too. Maybe she’ll get there next season.

Seeing Yuki’s growth in the way that he spoke to Akito was good too. It’s great to take ownership of what happens to you and not seek to blame others. However, I do hope that he doesn’t go too far. Akito is absolutely to blame for what happened to him and hitting him with the bottle in this instance. Everyone is responsible for their own actions and to assume that someone’s reaction to something you did was your fault is another dangerous path to walk down.

Fruits Basket Episode 49 Machi's Home

What have you learnt?

It’s taken a while to get here, but I think it’s been worth it. Yuki’s personal growth has been interesting and feels like a natural thing rather than the usual turnaround in one episode or scene. He’s had to work for it and face some personal demons. It helps to have supportive people around him and even those that push back (I’m talking to you Kakeru). I will definitely bear this in mind when I’m working on my own stories. There are lots of different ways to bring characters out of their shells and the journey is part of the story.

Fruits Basket Episode 49 Yuki and Akito

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  1. Fruits Basket’s strength always there with its emotional drama and character development. This episode is good since we get to see Yuki slowly taking that step, no matter how small that may be, it’s an effort worth taking note.

    • Agreed. It’s been slow and steady, but that makes it that much more believable. Can’t overstate just how much it of an effect Kakeru has had on him. Sure, Tohru laid the groundwork but Kakeru brought him out of his shell.

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