Fruits Basket (Episode 54) – I’m… Home.

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Rin has been missing for a while and it’s worrying Tohru. Luckily, Haru was on the case and while searching for Rin, he bumped into Hiro and found out some information that Hiro had been holding close…

What happened?

No one had seen Rin for some time now. Haru, however, hadn’t even realised until Yuki asked him about her. He told Yuki to thank Tohru for her concern and then hurried out to see what he could find.

Back at the Soma estate, Kisa was on her way to Hiro’s house to see his new little sister. She met Hiro on the way and he was just about to confess something to her when he walked into Haru. Haru asked if either had seen Rin. Neither had, but it was enough to make Hiro reveal everything he knew and had been keeping to himself.

With the thought of being a good big brother to his new sister, he couldn’t sit on the information any longer. He told Haru that Akito had pushed Rin from the second-floor balcony and that it hadn’t been an accident. Haru hurried off, leaving Hiro and Kisa behind.

Fruits Basket Episode 54 Kureno finds Rin

Meanwhile, Kureno followed a maid to the Cat’s cabin, a place that no one but the Cat is allowed to go. He confronted her and asked what she was doing. She tried to tell him to leave, but Kureno wasn’t budging. Eventually, she caved and gave him the key, asking him to save whoever was inside.

Haru stormed into Akito’s room, giving the old hag that seems to run the place a piece of his mind. Then, he stood up to Akito, furious at what she had done and what she may even now be doing to Rin. Akito tried to laugh it off, but Haru was firm. Then, Kureno ran in and attempted to resolve the situation by telling Haru that Rin was on her way to the hospital after being found in the Cat’s Cabin.

Akito was furious that Kureno had betrayed her, but not nearly as mad as Haru who came within a hair’s breadth of punching Akito. He left and hurried to the hospital, his bond with Akito frayed. Of course, Rin left the hospital on her own and was prepared to die to save Haru. However, she passed out in the streets and was found by Haru who took her home.

Fruits Basket Episode 54 Akito caught Rin

What did you think?

Holy shit! I am raging! After the last episode which showcased how much Yuki had grown and was able to see his own struggles in others, we got hit with this episode. Don’t misunderstand me here, this episode was incredible, but it left me ready to punch Akito… no scratch that, I’m ready to burn down the Soma estate with Akito, her mother, and the head maid tied up in the middle of it. I was so relieved to see Haru stand up to Akito, although I was a little disappointed that the bond didn’t completely break.

It’s also good to see that Kureno has finally stepped up and he too may be moving away from Akito. She asks why everyone is betraying her, but I think she must know. Akito is a stone-cold sociopath who does what she wants with the zodiac members. It’s clear from the old maid, that they all believe that it’s Akito’s right to do whatever she wants. That’s why it’s all gotta burn. I do not want an Akito redemption arc. I don’t care how sad it might be. Not interested. Burn it all down!

Fruits Basket Episode 54 Haru confronts Akito

What have you learnt?

Akito is a fantastic character… haha, bet you never thought I’d say that. In the sense of memorable characters that can elicit emotional responses, Akito is a god. She’s right up there with Joffrey Baratheon from A Game of Thrones. The thing that makes characters great is not whether you like them. It’s whether they make you feel something. Their ability to make us experience a physiological response is the key.

This series has done an incredible job of showing us who Akito is and it’s not pretty. She is unrelenting in her belief that the zodiac members are her own personal playthings. Like a bunch of dolls, she can force them to have dinner with her, dress them up, even break them as she sees fit. So, we’ve seen her. We understand and I think that is where this series may go wrong.

Joffrey was a monster and we got to see him finally brought down when he was poisoned at his wedding. It was an epic moment and the response to it online was insane. After everything he did, it was the only way out. The audience needed to see him pay for his crimes and the same goes for Akito. The only problem is that I don’t think this series is gearing up for a revenge ending. If anything, we’re probably looking at a happily-ever-after for everyone. I’m curious to see how this plays out, but I’m already concerned.

Fruits Basket Episode 54 Haru takes Rin home

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  1. Akito made me so angry in this episode that it made me invoke Manwë and Ilúvatar from The Silmarillion.

    As in, time to remake the world…

    I like your observation that a great character’s measured by the intensity of the emotional reaction they evoke. I had to admit it, but that makes Akito a pretty good character.

    And ow. That hurt to admit!

    • Yeah, it’s hard to give any sort of accolade to Akito, but it’s impossible to deny the emotional responses she elicits.

      Also, I’m really not ready to see her have a happy ending as much as I’m sure it will be coming. I don’t see this suddenly turning into a revenge story as much as it’s warranted.

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