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Will Kyo and Tohru open up to one another? Not in this episode, but we will get to see Akito and Ren continue their feud. It would appear that it’s not just Shigure that has been pulling the strings!

What happened?

Kyo wakes from a frightful dream where he saw Kyoko and his mother. He took it as a sign that he was destined not to open up to Tohru, although I feel like he was misunderstanding Kyoko’s role. Still, he woke and felt the weight of the world on his shoulders once more – the burden of being the cat!

Meanwhile, Shigure was at the Soma estate when Ren pulled him into a room. He told her he knew that she used Rin and that she had failed to get the box. Ren didn’t know what was in the box but believed that it was something to do with her late husband Akira, the previous head of the Soma family.

Shigure revealed that he didn’t care for Ren of her games and that it all appeared to be too entertaining for him. He recalled the time they first met Akito and how Ren had looked at them then. Shigure believed they should pity her, he still does.

Fruits Basket Episode 57 The Head Maid

After stewing on his words for too long, Ren burst into Akito’s room with a knife and demanded that Akito give her the box. Akira was her love and if anyone was to have something of his, it was her. The maids and Kureno could only watch as Akito pretty much laughed in Ren’s face before throwing the box across the room.

Akito remembered how Ren had told her that the bonds would break and she would discover that no one loved her for her. Of course, Akito believed it completely and wasn’t concerned in the slightest. However, she must have known as Kureno had already broken free.

Akito then grabbed the knife and went to stab Ren, but as she did a bond broke. It was Hiro who noticed instantly. He had been sitting with his new sister and felt the urge to pick her up. Their mother came in and knew instantly what had happened. Hiro struggled with his emotions. That was nothing compared to Akito. Kureno tried to tell her that she could change, but for her, it was too late. Why had he waited until now? She drove the knife into his back and told him to die to make up for what he did to her!

Fruits Basket Episode 57 Akito grabs the knife

What did you think?

Well, I didn’t see that coming. The following scene with Arisa looking at a dead bird is obviously quite troubling given that Kureno was the rooster, even if his ties to birds had long since vanished. I can’t help but wonder what they are showing us here if it’s not confirmation that Kureno will die.

The main thing here was just how twisted the head maid is and what she has done to this family. Of course, she’s not entirely to blame for everything. Akito and Ren have both made their choices and it was hard to sympathise with any of them. Kureno stayed with Akito out of pity, I’m sure of it and that has come back to bite him.

Also, with Kyo’s dream, I can’t help but Kyoko was saying that she wouldn’t forgive him if he gave up and went to the Cat’s House. That seems like something Kyoko would say and do. She would want him to rebel against it. Fight. Do whatever he has to do. Hopefully, Tohru can get through to him.

Fruits Basket Episode 57 Arisa finds a dead bird

What have you learnt?

So, I’ve noticed that it’s been confirmed that this season will be just thirteen episodes long. Argh! That means that this was the mid-point… We’ve only got six episodes left and I feel like the bonds are going to start breaking left, right, and centre from here on.

Hopefully, we will see that Tohru is the cause of it and not that it was just a coincidence. I hate coincidences in fiction. They seem so lazy and detract from the effort and growth of the characters. I think we’re going to be in for a harrowing run towards the end and once more, Akito has shown us that she needs to experience some sort of retribution for what she has done.

Buckle up, grab some tissues, I think things are about to get emotional!

Fruits Basket Episode 57 Akito stabs Kureno

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    • Yeah. It’s been great. The coincidence makes Tohru irrelevant to the story of it ends up being that way which would be pretty annoying. I think she needs to have accomplished something.

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