Fruits Basket (Episode 6) – Perhaps We Should Invite Ourselves Over

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Tohru’s rice balls are going down well, but it might be Yuki in a dress that is drawing in the crowd. It even pulled in a couple more Somas!

What did you watch?

We’ve reached episode 6 of Fruits Basket, which may or may not be the halfway point. Currently, there’s been no announcement on how many episodes there will be, but given that the title screen says season 1, I think it’s safe to say there will be a season 2. Sure, that doesn’t help us with the length of this season, but at least we can rest easy, knowing that there are many more to come, one way or another.

Fruits Basket Episode 6 Kyo with Cat Rice Ball

What happened?

It’s the day of the Culture Festival and Tohru’s rice balls are a hit, although she is reluctant to take all the credit, some of that must surely go to Yuki who is wearing a dress! Everything seems to be going well, other than the dress until two more Somas show up. The first is Momiji, a half German, half Japanese boy who Tohru briefly met before and the second is Hatori, he’s a doctor.

After Momiji transforms into a rabbit upon hugging Tohru, they escape to the rooftop to hide. Tohru’s friends track her down and ask what’s going on. A little flabbergasted that they might suggest that she is dating Yuki, she accidentally lets it out that she is living with them. Her friends, unsure of the situation, immediately invite themselves over for a sleepover to check things out…

Fruits Basket Episode 6 Yuki Pretty In Pink

What did you think?

This was another really good episode. It didn’t quite have the punch of the last episode, but I really enjoyed getting to see more of Tohru’s friends. Despite the vibe they give off, they are both dedicated to Tohru’s well-being and you can see how much it upset them that they had no idea what Tohru had been going through.

Fruits Basket Episode 6 Arisa Tohru and Saki at School Festival

What was your favourite moment?

I think Hatori had some great moments in this episode. The first was when he told Yuki that the threatening glare he was giving him wasn’t quite so effective in a pink dress. Then I had to laugh at how he tricked them into posing for a photo for Akito. Finally, having been warned by Yuki that Tohru should not see Hatori alone, we manage to end the episode with Hatori telling her to come to see him alone… I think he’s going to be the snake.

Fruits Basket Episode 6 Kyo and Yuki

What was your least favourite moment?

I really felt sorry for Tohru’s friends, Hanajima and Uotani. They have always looked out for Tohru, but even then she couldn’t tell them she had been living in a tent. It turns out I think she’d been keeping a lot from them, especially as she only recently told them the story behind the hat. The hat that so obviously belongs to Yuki!

Fruits Basket Episode 6 Tohru explaining things to Arisa and Saki

Who was your favourite character?

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one excited when I learned that Shigure was a writer. It makes sense now why I instantly took a liking to the guy… he’s me but in a Yukata. I wish I could pull off one of those and look half as cool. Seriously, though he is my favourite character in the whole things so far, beating out Hanajima and Uotani although if it came to a fight, my money would be on the girls.

Fruits Basket Episode 6 Shigure with two of his books

Who was your least favourite character?

Sure, he’s a kid, but Momiji was incredibly annoying. There’s nothing more too it, he just got under my skin.

Fruits Basket Episode 6 Momoji

Would you like some more?

Surprisingly, I am really enjoying this series and am looking forward to watching it each week. Even beyond the Tohru and Yuki and Kyo dynamic, there is some interesting stuff that I can’t wait to see more of. Who is the mysterious Akito? Who put the zodiac curse on the Somas and why? They’ve done a great job of giving us enough information to keep us happy, while still keeping a lot of it to themselves.

Fruits Basket Episode 6 Arisa Tohru and Saki in bed

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    • I went in knowing nothing of the original or the manga. It had certainly been an interesting departure from my normal shows.

    • The only shoujo I’ve actually really watched was Cardcaptor Sakura, so it’s good to see what is seen as one of the genre’s “landmarks” come to life with 2019 animation.

    • I’ve not even seen Cardcaptor Sakura… I have checked out some old screencaps from the original series and I’m glad I’m not watching that version.

    • Cardcaptor Sakura is the great work of the Shoujo genre. I’d suggest you check out the sub version, not that war crime of an american dub.

    • I will have to check it out. Hopefully, it’s not as hard to find as Shinmai…

    • Real damn good though, some of the best work of anime I’ve seen.

      As for…that show…it really shouldn’t be too hard to find, probably on the general sites.

    • I have Funimation and Crunchyroll. It used to be on Funimation but now they just have the extras and no episodes. Hopefully, it’ll come back.

    • Also I just checked crunchyroll and it’s on there. Search under it’s english name “Sister New Devil”

    • Haha! It would appear that my Crunchyroll settings would not allow me to view ‘mature’ content… fixed that. Thanks

    • Also I meant the last episode of the 1st season, that’s all I got before I was going to throw something against the wall.

    • Indeed, but i never got that far, watched a fanservice comp of course, but i just couldn’t let my sanity suffer anymore.

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