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Tohru’s family are going to Hawaii for New Year and leaving her behind, which is fine by her, she’d rather stay at Shigure’s house all on her own…

What did you watch?

This season is flying by. That was episode 8 of Fruits Basket and as you would expect, it’s full of more heartwarming situations. This show is as far from my normal choice as possible, but that’s not stopping me from having a great time. The mystery of the Somas really is quite intriguing. Still no news on how many episodes there will be so we’re still flying blind.

Fruits Basket Episode 8 Kyo Shigure and Yuki

What happened?

It’s almost New Year and Tohru is discussing her plans with her friends. Her delightful family have decided to go to Hawaii and leave her behind. As usual, Tohru is fine with that and would rather stay at Shigure’s house, even if they all have to go to the Soma estate for the festivities. When she asks Shigure if it’s all right, he, of course, allows her to stay, but then Yuki and Kyo decide that they’re going to stay too!

Tohru manages to convince them that she’ll be fine and that they should be with their family. They set off, leaving Tohru at home alone for the holiday, however, on the way the estate they bump into Saki who tells them about how it will be Tohru’s first New Year without her mother. Of course, Yuki and Kyo ditch their plans to run back and make sure she’s all right!

Fruits Basket Episode 8 Tohru Arisa Saki

What did you think?

It felt like not a lot happened, but at the same time, I couldn’t look away. We got to see Tohru once again sacrificing herself to make sure that she didn’t impose on anyone. She really is a glutton for punishment and hasn’t learnt from the incident at her Grandfather’s house. Luckily, her friends are always looking out for her. On top of that, Shigure continues to drop these little bombs. He’s a great character to keep an eye on.

Fruits Basket Episode 8 Tohru

What was your favourite moment?

I’m not normally a fan of breaking the fourth wall, but this was a great moment because Saki is such a mystery, it makes sense that she would do it in this way. Having just received a phone call from Arisa, Tohru was talking with Yuki and Kyo, when Yuki commented on how much her friends are always looking out for her. Tohru agreed and promised to call Saki first in the New Year. Cut to Saki watching TV with her family. She turns her head and looks through the screen, possibly even your soul, and says “I’ll be waiting.”

Fruits Basket Episode 8 Saki With Family

What was your least favourite moment?

So, when are these boys going to start pitching in with the housework? Yuki and Kyo just ran all the way home to make sure Tohru was all right, ditching their family plans. When they get there, Tohru makes them dinner and then once everyone has eaten she collected their bowls and takes them to the kitchen to clean up, leaving Yuki sitting back like a prince and Kyo lying on the floor like a… well, a cat! Get up and help her you lazy bastards!

Fruits Basket Episode 8 Tohru looking after Kyo and Yuki

Who was your favourite character?

This is easy. Saki is a great character and while she only had a couple of fairly small parts to play in this episode she continued to wow with her presence. She really is a mystery and the most likely to figure out the truth about the Somas. When she appeared behind Shigure with a stark warning, scaring the life out of him, was hilarious.

Fruits Basket Episode 8 Saki Spooking Shigure

Who was your least favourite character?

I still can’t work out Akito. Admittedly, there hasn’t been enough to really get to the bottom of things, but I am looking forward to that. It was great seeing Shigure take such pleasure in taunting Akito, which seems to be one of his favourite pastimes.

Fruits Basket Episode 8 Shigure approaching Akito

Would you like some more?

Absolutely, I’m ready and waiting. There’s going to be some ramifications for Yuki and Kyo missing the New Year’s party and I feel like Tohru is going to be on the receiving end. Hopefully, Shigure will appear in the nick of time to suitably chastise Akito and whisk her back to Yuki and Kyo, although if they haven’t even put the kettle on for some tea, she’s better off without them.

Fruits Basket Episode 8 Saki Surprising Shigure

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  1. “She turns her head and looks through the screen, possibly even your soul, and says “I’ll be waiting.””

    Saki’s my favorite character (and that’s saying a lot!). But something, she scares me.

    Your “possibly even your soul” is really on the mark!

    • Yeah, Saki, Arisa and Shigure are my favourites by a long way. I love how Arisa was walking through the streets carrying an arrow…

    • Here to randomly join the Saki love train. Also notice how at one point in this episode she looked similar to boogiepop. A crossover i never knew i needed

    • Haha! Yes! It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Saki was Boogiepop. Either way she needs her own paranormal series. Maybe her and Arisa set up a detective agency and investigate strange goings on, that all loosely involve the Somas!

    • Only to have it turn out half of the stuff was set up by shigure because he loves to troll around xD give us that spin-off please

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