Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 31) – The 520 Cens Promise

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Edward and Alphonse try to find Mei Chang to talk about the difference in their alchemy. Meanwhile, Roy Mustang gets used to not having his team around. Also, the Crimson Alchemist has been released from prison.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 31) – The 520 Cens Promise

What happened?

Edward thanked Riza for her time after she finished telling him about Ishval. He asked her if she was worried about working so closely with Fuhrer King Bradley, but she simply pointed out that it would be easier to shoot him in his sleep this way…

Envy found the remains of Doctor Marcoh and was furious. He also wasn’t convinced that it actually was Marcoh. Either way, he needed to take care of Scar and that seemed like a job for another.

Edward found Alphonse and told him about Ishval. He also explained how alchemy on the surface wouldn’t work at the same time Father stopped them from doing it. That meant that there was something different about how Scar and Mei Chang do it. They just need to find her and work it out. However, she’d already left Doctor Knox’s house. They were also greeted by Fu who has returned to find Ling and Lan Fan.

He’s distraught to learn that Lan Fan lost her arm, although incredibly grateful to Knox for saving her. They all leave, allowing Knox to return to his solitude. However, his doorbell rings and he finds his son and his wife standing at the door. His son tells him he wants to be a doctor too. Knox invites them in and wishes for some time to enjoy his family for once.

Envy, still on the hunt for Scar and Marcoh has arranged for the Crimson Alchemist to be released from prison. He’s the one that turned the tide in the Ishavlan conflict thanks to the philosopher’s stone Marcoh made. Meanwhile, Scar disfigured Marcoh’s face so that they can travel easier. He’s heading north to recover his brother’s research. Something is weird about the alchemy of Amestris!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 31 Roy Mustang gives Edward and Alphonse a ride

What did you think?

I like where things appear to be going, especially with Scar revealing that his brother believed that the alchemy here was different. However, I did find it annoying that as soon as Edward had put two and two together, Mei Chang wandered off, leaving them with no way to proceed with this investigation. Hopefully, they’ll go on a little adventure to get to the bottom of things rather than aimlessly search Capital for a weird-looking cat!

It felt like it was just a matter of time before the Crimson Alchemist got involved. They’ve been teasing him since episode one and now we’re finally going to see what he’s all about. My understanding is that he can turn people into bombs… Sounds like a delightful ability. This guy was destined to be on the side of evil. Not sure, how he could come up with a non-evil use for a power like that.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 31 Envy picks up the Crimson Alchemist from jail

What have you learnt?

I said in the last post that I didn’t think Doctor Marcoh was dead so that came as no real surprise. I was shocked to learn that his alchemy enables him to manipulate flesh. Knowing that ahead of time would have made it even more obvious that he hadn’t died. It also then makes Scar’s deconstruction of Marcoh’s face that much more cruel.

Marcoh could have just adjusted his appearance. If he can make a Chimera look like his body, it should have been child’s play. I’m curious to see what the difference in the alchemy is and how Father is able to turn it off and on at will. It would appear that this plan is a long and drawn-out one. The level of patience is spectacular, but then if you lived forever, you can afford to take your time.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 31 Scar disfigures Doctor Marcoh

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