Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 43) – Bite of the Ant

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Envy shows up in the North to recapture Doctor Marcoh. However, it was a trap and a chance for Marcoh to attempt to redeem himself. Now, how does this new transmutation circle work?

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Episode 43) – Bite of the Ant

What happened?

The invasion from the North is quickly quelled by the forces stationed at Fort Briggs. It would appear that Kimblee had set them up to fail, ensuring that he obtains his Crest of Blood without even lifting a finger. Miles is suspicious that it was too easy, but there’s nothing else they could have done.

Meanwhile, Scar and the others are hiding in an Ishvalan refugee village. Marcoh heads out with Jerso to collect firewood. That’s when they are approached by Zampano and a strange man. No one is fooled, however, so Envy reals itself. That’s when the first of their traps springs. They told Envy they were alchemy land mines when it was actually Mei Chang using remote alkehestry.

It looks like they may have taken Envy down but it uses its tongue to capture Doctor Marcoh. However, that was part of the plan too as he has the new transmutation circle drawn on his hand, one with the power to destroy a philosopher’s stone. He strips Envy of its power and reveals it to be a tiny green organism.

They decide to split up from here with Scar and Marcoh heading out to change the world while Mei Chang returns home with Envy in a jar. Alphonse and Winry head to Leore with Jerso and Zampano where they are shocked to find Van Hohenheim.

Meanwhile, Olivier Armstrong is shown a glimpse of the terror that has been going on in Central.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 43 Envy attacks Doctor Marcoh

What did you think?

Ah, the old double, double-cross! Nicely done. Taking down Envy was amazing and Doctor Marcoh was the last person I would have expected to do it. I like that Scar seems to have had an epiphany about how to proceed and it’s down to those that have been with him and those that he’s met on his journey. I’m interested in seeing what he and Doctor Marcoh get up to, especially now that he has the power to destroy philosopher’s stones. A power like that is going to get noticed.

I gained a bit of respect for Kimblee with his plan to create the Crest of Blood by tricking the enemy into walking into a trap. He killed two birds with one stone and he didn’t even throw the stone. It was exactly as I’d been expecting for a little while, but quite satisfying all the same. If you take satisfaction in the villains moving a step closer to completing their plan…

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 43 Alex and Olivier Armstrong

What have you learnt?

So, Alphonse just wanted to visit Leore again… Seems like a stretch, but at least he’s met up with his father once more. It might be time for Hohenheim to come clean with him about who and what he is. That should be an interesting conversation. While the ends justify the means, I find it a bit lazy that Alphonse just decided to return to Leore without anything pushing him in that direction.

Other than a couple of lucky hunches, I can’t fault the series. The writing so far has been amazing and the world is fascinating, especially the history and how it’s all coming together to form one long epic plot that spans generations. I was also glad to see Olivier Armstrong back and I love that there was an actual reason behind the rules of alchemy, particularly the one about making people. It’s so simple, it’s perfect!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 43 Army made using alchemy

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