Gibiate (Episode 10) – New Allies

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They’ve arrived at the Gibia Virus Treatment Research Centre, but, of course, it’s overrun with Gibia. They have no choice but to fight, however, just as they are about to, the Yakuza and his gang arrive!

What happened?

Surprisingly, the Yakuza and his gang turned their weapons on the Gibia and not Sensui and the others. With their help, they quickly defeated the Gibia and made it inside of the Research Centre. It would appear that they would be able to relax for a short period of time. Hidenori even prepared his signature dish of Katsu Curry, which seemed to go down well with Sensui and Kenroku.

Meanwhile, Dr. Yoshinaga got to work on preparing his vaccine (although I’m sure he means a cure). His goal is to turn everyone back to a human, but I still can’t shake the feeling that he is more responsible for things than he’s letting on.

Anyhow, we’re treated to a bit of backstory from each of the Galients and Renjiro attempts to reconcile with his daughter, Ayame, although that will take a little more time (maybe in the next episode when he will no doubt sacrifice himself for her). Finally, as the group enjoy some downtime, Meteora appears outside and I guess it’s not going to be too happy!

Gibiate Episode 10 Ayame and her Father

What did you think?

Absolutely nothing happened in this episode. We already knew that the Yakuza was going to join the group thanks to some of Kathleen’s video diaries. It also came as no surprised that Meteora had tracked them down. There was a lot of sitting around talking and eating curry, and as much as I’m a big fan of a Katsu curry, I can’t enjoy it with them so who cares. They seemed to want to try out as many animation styles as possible in this episode. Makes me wonder if they’re giving up and are just happy to mash anything together.

Gibiate Episode 10 Dr Yoshinaga

What have you learnt?

It seems incredibly unlikely that Kenroku would adopt Yukinojou’s club as his primary weapon, even if it was to honour him. I can’t imagine Sensui doing something similar. In times as serious as this, you would absolutely use the weapon you are most accomplished with rather than trying to learn something new on the fly.

Another truly bizarre thing about this episode was that it played out like a final episode. We had a montage of all those that we’d lost on the way through the end credits. And then Meteora popped up out of the water. I almost started to hope that this was only going to be a ten-episode season…

Gibiate Episode 10 Meteora found them

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