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Meteora has arrived and it’s ready to ruin everyone’s day and when the good doctor is so close to perfecting his vaccine. Can Sensui and Kenroku stop it before everything goes horribly wrong?

What happened?

Amazingly, Sensui delivers the final blow to Meteora just as Dr. Yoshinaga comes running with his antidote. It would appear that he is too late to save his alien fiance… Yes, that’s right. Dr Yoshinaga is an alien and Metoera was once his fiance. She accidentally took an artificial substance that turned her into a monster. Yoshinaga had fled his homeworld and lost Meteora flying past the sun. She crashed, along with several vials of infected blood into Europe starting the Gibia plague.

Dr. Yoshinaga who was furious that they killed his lover, despite him never telling them any of this, infected Ayame who quickly killed most of her father’s men. Yoshinaga infected himself but gave himself the cure so that he would maintain his consciousness while he kills them. Of course, Sensui and Kenroku aren’t about to let that happen. Well, not to Kathleen anyhow, everyone else other than Hatonami is already dead and he wants to avenge Ayame.

Gibiate Episode 11 Ayame Gibia

What did you think?

What did I just watch? Seriously, this series is terrible, but this episode really takes the cake. It was just a complete disaster from start to finish. Yoshinaga basically told us that Meteora was his girlfriend in the intro when he recorded his video for Kathleen. I just can’t get my head around how awful this episode was. Yoshinaga infected Ayame and rather than try to kill her before she turned, they all stood around waiting. The same with Yoshinaga, as soon as he started the ball rolling by infecting Ayame why wasn’t Kenroku taking his head off? He’s a ninja damn it. Isn’t that one of their things? But no, Kenroku managed to knock down the Gibai Yoshinaga and then just ran off with Kathleen for no reason whatsoever.

Gibiate Episode 11 Kathleen

What have you learnt?

I can’t believe I’m going to sit through another episode of this. It really has been incredibly painful to watch and there is nothing to take from it unless you want lots of examples of how not to do things. I wonder if we’ll ever find out how Sensui and Kenroku came from the past or whether that will just be ignored in favour of some awful fight sequences with Yoshinaga. Did I mention that he was an alien all along and responsible for the whole Gibia thing? Who could have seen that coming?

Gibiate Episode 11 Kathleen Hatonami Sensui and Kenroku

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