Gibiate (Episode 12) – A Life’s End

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Now that Yoshinaga is a Gibia, Sensui and Kenroku will need to find a way to stop him before the place is swamped with even more Gibia, but can they stop the strongest Gibia they’ve faced?

What happened?

Kenroku attacked Yoshinaga with everything he had but couldn’t make a scratch on him. Even his cables were no match for Yoshinaga’s strength. Finally, as things were looking dire, Sensui stepped in and helped Kenroku. Together they tried to know back Yoshinaga, aware that the sun was setting and a swarm of Gibia were approaching. Hatonami took Kathleen inside and prepared their things to escape, but he found Hidenori’s things and decided to change his plans.

Kathleen had also changed her mind and rather than leaving Kenroku and Sensui, she returned to the fight and was able to hit Yoshinaga with a taser. Unable to withstand the electricity, the tides appeared to be turning, however, Yoshinaga evolved into the same for that Ayame took and continued his attack. Hatonami returned to the fight, giving Sensui his sword before running at Yoshinaga. It seemed like a futile attack as Yoshinaga stabbed him with his tail, but it was what Hatonami had been counting on. He opened his jacket to reveal a strap of dynamite with their fuses sizzling away.

The explosion hurt Yoshinaga, but it didn’t finish him. That came seconds later as Sensui took his head. With more Gibia approaching, they rushed to the boat to escape on the river, however, Sensui revealed he had been hurt by a Gibia and would not go with them. There was no guarantee that he would turn, but he didn’t want to turn on the boat and put them all at danger. Kathleen gave him a tracking device and made him promise to find them again.

Gibiate Episode 12 Sensui and Kenroku fighting Yoshinaga

What did you think?

It’s over! All right, did you count the tropes in this episode? Screaming parent sacrificing themselves to defeat the monster, check. Having to flee by water, check. But wait, the hero might be infected, check. The dying hero turns to face an unstoppable horde, check. This series has been one giant trope checklist and while that’s not necessarily a problem, it’s done nothing to connect them together in an interesting way. There has been nothing to connect us with the characters or their struggles. It’s been mostly wooden and the choices made by the characters have been baffling, to say the least. Why did Sensui wait for half the episode before joining Kenroku in attacking Yoshinaga?

Gibiate Episode 12 Hatonami Sacrifice

What have you learnt?

This just goes to show that you can have all the ingredients necessary to make an interesting story, but if you don’t put it together properly, you end up with something that tastes really bad. Was this the worst thing I’ve seen this year? Surprisingly not, but it’s been a struggle to get through it from week to week. Like most shows that get under my skin, it’s the missed potential that annoys me the most. This series had some great ideas and while it was never going to be a blockbuster, it could have been a fun ride. Unfortunately, it never seemed to pull all those ideas together.

Gibiate Episode 12 Kathleen Tears

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