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With most of the camp destroyed and the people either dead or turned into Gibia, they head to the country to continue the doctor’s research. Well, once they have recovered it from a secret lab in town!

What happened?

They’ve decided to relocate to the countryside further North of Toyko. There should be less Gibia and they have the mountains to protect them too. It’s also the best place to try to head to mainland Asia. Of course, before they can do that, they’ll need to recover Dr. Yoshinaga’s vaccine otherwise it will all be for nothing. The vaccine is stored in a secure lab in a large tower block, which is likely to be the home of Gibia.

Sensui fights his way through and they all make it to the lab and then head to the roof to use the helicopter to fly away, however, a bizarre Gibia that is not hurt by the sun emerges and attacked the helicopter. Kenroku and Sensui attempt to defeat it, but it’s unlike anything they’ve faced before. Luckily, another warrior has appeared from the past and seems to be happy to help!

Gibiate Episode 3 Sensui Kanzaki fighting a Meteora

What did you think?

If the last episode restored my excitement for this series, then this episode has just kicked it in the shins and is currently stomping it into the floor. I’ll be honest, guilty pleasure or not, this really isn’t very good. There were scenes where the characters mouths moved and no one spoke. You’d maybe expect that with a dubbed version, but this is the original Japanese dub, On top of that everyone seems incredibly wooden and dialogue is awful. Everyone is very busy thanking Sensui for protecting them. This was not a good episode.

Gibiate Episode 3 Kathleen Funada

What have you learnt?

That you really can’t trust doctors in any sort of apocalyptic setting. It seems crazy, but once again it would appear that the villain is going to make himself known to the others pretty quickly. I also now realise that while the CGI is terrible, the monster designs are even worse. There’s a lot to be learnt from this series about dialogue and none of it good. The third episode has turned this series on its head once more and I’m now very worried about how things might continue. Consistency is going to be an issue, for sure.

Gibiate Episode 3 Dr Yoshinaga

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