Gibiate (Episode 5) – Evil VS Bushido

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Having survived the attack on the bridge thanks to Adam, the group continue with their journey to find somewhere safe. However, there are others looking for the same and they don’t want to share!

What happened?

With Sensui still recovering from the last fight and Kenroku and Onikura are struggling to hold back the Gibia, Adam emerges from the campervan with a detonator and a bag of explosives. He races towards the advancing Gibia and then lies down on the ground as he begins to change into one of them. He last action is to detonate the explosives and save everyone.

Following Adam’s sacrifice, they continue on their journey and have a bit of time for Kenroku to tease Onikura for blushing when Kathleen’s mother mends his clothes. Onikura reveals that he had hoped to one day have a family of his own. We’re then treated to a flashback off Onikura’s last moments in the past before he is sucked into a puddle and presumably the future.

Sensui wakes up not long after and is on hand to quickly defeat some gangster that tried to take their supplies before running off. Finally, they reach a tunnel which is the only way to get to where they want to go, but it appears blocked and probably full of Gibia. They move on and once it’s confirmed, Sensui, Kenroku, and Onikura get out and attack. Kathleen tries to clear the way with grenades but trips over her own feet and finds herself staring into the face of a Gibia!

Gibiate Episode 5 Kenroku and Onikura

What did you think?

It’s easy to dump on the CGI in this series, but surprisingly it’s possibly not the worst thing in it. The storyline seems to meander between encounters and doesn’t really do anything to link them. At least it doesn’t do anything to make them impactful, so we just end up sitting there and wondering what the point was. The episode opened with Adam blowing himself up which was heroic, although we barely knew him beyond shooting guns and yelling at people. Then we had this group of bandits that even had their own name and “cool” way of telling others about it. They just rushed in, made some noise, got knocked over by Sensui, and then ran away. Kenroku’s reaction absolutely mirrored my own.

Gibiate Episode 5 Kenroku What!

What have you learnt?

Let’s talk about cliffhangers, shall we? I don’t mind cliffhangers, but they have to really be something that could go either way. Does anyone for a second believe that Kathleen is going to be killed? Of course not. Sensui is going to save her from the Gibia within the first couple of seconds of the next episode and they’ll all just continue on their merry way. It’s just unfortunate that we’ve run out of random side characters to sacrifice.

This series really isn’t very good. It’s almost as if they have got the tropes for monster movies and decided to include them all, but not put the time in to make the connections. I do hope Kathleen will be all right, though…

Gibiate Episode 5 Kathleen Oh No

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