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With everyone busy fighting Gibia, who will save Kathleen? She can’t die. She’s the main character… isn’t she? Tune in to find out the thrilling conclusion to this cliffhanger! [Sarcasm!]

What happened?

The Gibia closed in around them, making escape impossible and with Kathleen isolated, it was only a matter of time before she was eaten or infected. Luckily, another character entered the scene. Former cop, Ayame arrived with a loaded shotgun, a pair of enhanced nightstick, and a kick-ass attitude. She quickly saved Kathleen and then turned her attention to helping the others.

After another fifteen minutes of the guys grunting and growling as they smashed up the remaining Gibia, they continued on their way and found an old hotel complete with hot springs. Ideal for resting and recuperating. There, Kathleen discovered that Ayame’s father was a Yakuza boss… hang on a minute… Anyhow, Sensui has a flashback to the time when he was taken in by Halbert and trained to be swordsman, a warrior, and a scholar.

Gibiate Episode 6 Ayame Saves Kathleen

What did you think?

I don’t know what to say here other than I think the standard animation is getting worse too. There were scenes where people heads didn’t have the right proportions and there as a repeated piece of action. It really isn’t a very good show, and yet, here I am, still watching it. I’ll admit that I am finding myself laughing at just how bad it is rather than actually enjoying it, which is a shame as I had high hopes. I can’t believe they revealed that Ayame’s father was the gang boss that attacked them in the last episode. And also, for a horror series, or any other series for that matter, worst hot springs episode ever!

Gibiate Episode 6 Ayame

What have you learnt?

There really isn’t a lot to take away from this series in general. I’d imagine you could find some lessons on how not to overly foreshadow stuff or setup pointless cliffhangers with characters that have no chance of dying without first surprising us. Sadly, Gibiate has become a bit of a car wreck in the sense that you want to look away, but you just can’t do it.

Gibiate Episode 6 Kenroku

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