Gibiate (Episode 7) – Dream Road to Death

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The group of criminals has shown up again and is determined to take their supplies, but the sudden reappearance of Meteora changes things. It then transforms into a giant purple dinosaur…

What happened?

With food supplies running low, the group of criminals led by Ayame’s father attack once more, trying to force them off the road. However, Meteora returns and for some reason transforms into a giant purple dinosaur, although he’s definitely not called Barney… Meteora knocks the criminals’ car off the road and is about to finish them off when Sensui and Kenroku rush to the rescue.

The fight intensifies and eventually, Onikura joins them having pulled all the criminals free. Out of nowhere, Meteora appears to try to talk to them, but before things can develop, Ayame drives a car into it and knocks it into a fast-running river. She then berates her father and the criminals who appear to take on her advice and go on their merry way. Sensui is looking a little worse for wear after the battle and needs a place to rest up. They locate an old food factory, but when they are moving Sensui, Kathleen’s mother is stabbed by a Gibia stinger!

Gibiate Episode 7 Kenroku and Sensui versus Evolved Meteora

What did you think?

How was this an entire episode? The pace is so slow, it’s bordering on ridiculous. We must have had a dozen shots of Kenroku’s feet during the fight as he skidded to a halt over and over again. The development of Meteora was a big step in the wrong direction and it was less interesting as the giant purple dinosaur. Still, while they were all fighting, Ayama had some time to sit in the campervan and contemplate life. This series seems to be getting worse at it progresses and I have no hopes for them to handle the incident with Kathleen’s mother well.

Gibiate Episode 7 Ayame

What have you learnt?

I’m enjoying some of the retro art styles used in this series and the OP is quite catchy, but other than that, I can’t really find anything to recommend. The thing that’s bugging me the most is that this should have been an easy win. Monster movies are one of my guilty pleasures, so it doesn’t have to do too much to keep me entertained. That is sadly not the case with Gibiate. It feels like they’ve got a list of tropes and are slowly ticking them all off, but have no idea how to weave them into a story.

Gibiate Episode 7 Ayame knocking Meteora into the river

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