Gibiate (Episode 8) – Letter of Farewell

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They found somewhere to rest up and recover, but Kathleen’s mother has just been stung by a Gibia. Can she survive or will Kathleen be left without either parent? And just what is going on with Sensui?

What happened?

While everyone is resting, Kathleen’s mother wakes up and leaves, somehow finding the time to write out a letter for Kathleen to find. Sensui is still struggling from his last battle and still needs time to recover. Kenroku and Ayame head into town to search for medical supplies and food, leaving Yukinojou to watch over Kathleen and Sensui. He reveals to Kathleen that her smile is the only thing that has kept him going since he was pulled to this time.

Ayame blames herself for Kathleen’s mother getting infected and seems to want a pity party. However, Kenroku is not about to give her one and instead they end up having to fight a number of lizard Gibia in order to get their things. The sound of Gibia approaching causes concern for Yukinojou and Kathleen, especially as it would appear that they are resting in a nest! Yukinojou pushes Kathleen inside and plans on taking on the Gibia alone.

Gibiate Episode 8 Kathleen

What did you think?

Let’s be honest, I gave up on this series a couple of episodes ago and am now just coasting to the finish line. It really is not a very well written series and suffers from some outrageous pacing issues. This episode was a perfect example of pretty much nothing happening. Sure, Kathleen’s mother disappeared, but she was technically stung in the last episode. They tried to remind us that she may not be infected if the Gibia had stung someone else recently, but that seemed unlikely given how few survivors there are. Of course, we saw her hiding in a car, slowly transforming so that’s over with. The main question I have is where is the Doctor disappearing to all the time?

Gibiate Episode 8 Ayame and Kenroku

What have you learnt?

As I said, I’ve checked out. I really don’t think there’s much to be taken from this series, but I will continue to keep an eye open in case something does present itself. The surprising thing with this series is that even with so few characters, it’s failed to really make us care about any of them in eight episodes. I’m presuming that this will be a twelve-episode season which means we really don’t have long to get to some sort of a conclusion. Also, the whole Sensui fever thing is getting annoying. There must be something wrong with him to end up like that after every fight. Otherwise, it’s like a convenient handicap for the group to have to deal with in order to make sure bad things happen.

Gibiate Episode 8 Yukinojou protecting Kathleen

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  1. I kind of stopped watching this anime. I kept trying to catch up to give it another chance but I just can’t see it progressing and it sort of bothers me. If it does somehow get better though that’ll definitely be a huge turn around. I’m kind of surprised you’ve been keeping up on it though but good on you to keep trying to give it a chance! (I know i probably mentioned this before but I’m still reading these reviews hoping it’ll magically turn around lol)..

    • Yeah, I’m not holding out any hope for this series. There was a comment on the episode page that made me laugh – “That was terrible, see you all next week!”

      And that’s the thing. It is terrible and shows no signs of improving, but it’s hard to look away. Hoping for some better luck with next seasons shows.

    • Yeah, I’ve read some pretty hilarious comments on this show too and it’s rating hasn’t scored higher than a 4/10 on myanimelist.
      There were some promising shows this summer season but others not so much. Hopefully fall season will be better. I’m already excited for Noblesse, the slime s2 anime, onyx equinox and a few others that look pretty good. It sucks a lot of the more exciting ones are delayed until next year though. (Shield Hero and Promised Neverland as well as the Demon Slayer movie).

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