Gibiate (Episode 9) – Until It All Burns Out

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Kenroku and Ayame return from the supply run to find the bodies of Gibia littering the ground. Who could have done this and what has happened to their friends?

What happened?

It would appear that Yukinojou managed to keep his word and protect Kathleen and the recovering Sensui. Kenroku found his lifeless body sitting watch over the entrance to the factory. It’s impossible to tell just how many Gibia he defeated, but none got past, not even Kathleen’s mother who returned after turning. With the transformation incomplete, Yukinojou would no doubt have recognised her clothes and that would have made it even harder to fight.

The Yakuza find themselves forced to stop and repair their car. They also manage to find some food and a kettle, but not before wiping out a large number of Gibia. The boss seems to have been hit hard by his daughter’s words and may be about to choose a new path.

Sensui, Kenroku, Ayame, Kathleen, and Dr Yoshinaga decide to leave for a testing centre which may provide them with some valuable data. Could they find a cure for the Gibia plague?

Gibiate Episode 9 Yukinojou

What did you think?

So, after they found Yukinojou’s body and opened the door to find Kathleen and Sensui still alive, the good Dr. Yoshinaga magically appeared once more. Where is this guy hiding and how is it he’s never there when it matters? This is, of course, a small issue in what is undoubtedly a terrible series. It really doesn’t have any redeeming factors, and yet, I will keep watching it to the end. Is this because I think it will improve or that there will be something worth my time in the end? No! It’s just impossible to look away. I only wish it was so bad it’s good, but it’s not… sadly!

Gibiate Episode 9 Yakuza

What have you learnt?

One thing that made me shake my head was when Kathleen found Yukinojou she was screaming for him to open his eyes… but he was dead and his glazed lifeless eyes were staring right back at her. Maybe, it was a translation issue, but that was ridiculous. As with any story, it doesn’t take much to pull you out, especially when the story isn’t that good to start with. Also, I wonder how long before Sensui is unable to continue again. It’s just lazy storytelling from start to finish.

Gibiate Episode 9 Kenroku

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