Goblin Slayer II (Episode 6) – The Elven King’s Forest

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They’ve been ambushed by goblins on the river and it’s left them in a pinch. Priestess is doing her best to keep everyone safe, but Goblin Slayer and High Elf Archer are fighting blind. Then, they come across a dam in the river!

Goblin Slayer II (Episode 6) – The Elven King’s Forest

What did you watch?

I recently watched an episode of Frieren: Beyond Adventure’s End where we learned that she had been suppressing her mana for a thousand years and living in hiding so that when the time came she would be able to catch the demons out. That sounds like such a Goblin Slayer sort of thing to do. They may have never met, but these two are kindred spirits. I’d watch that cross-over, and bet that I’m not the only one, too! Anyhow, let’s get into the episode.

Goblin Slayer II Episode 6 Priestess

What happened?

Priestess cast Protection and saved the raft from the falling debris. Then, the arrows started to fly which gave High Elf Archer and Goblin Slayer a rough target to aim for. They were fighting blind, but the goblins weren’t smart enough to move once they’d attacked and paid for that. However, they came around a corner and discovered that the goblins had built a dam out of bits of wood, rope, and skeletons. Dwarf Shaman tried to use an Undine to lift the barge over the dam, but it was no use. Then, Priestess had the sense to use Purify which somehow broke the dam apart, no doubt helping the souls of the departed to move on.

Once inside the elves’ forest, they set up camp. The girls caught some fish, which gave them a chance to try out their new swimwear… while the guys built a fire and some temporary sleeping arrangements. Goblin Slayer. however, was concerned that the goblins would dare to venture into the elves’ territory. In the morning, they were met by a high elf warrior who claimed to have killed the remainder of the goblins. However, he also accused Goblin Slayer of doing something to High Elf Archer. Once, he found out she was alive and that he was the legendary Orcbolg, he took them to the home of the elves.

Goblin Slayer II Episode 6 High Elf Warrior approaches Goblin Slayer

What did you think?

I mentioned in the last post that I was pretty sure that Priestess would cast Protection and save the raft, so that was nice to see come to be, even if it was a little too predictable. I did not imagine that she would use Purify to break up a damn made of the remains of the living, so that was nice too. There was one thing I was not expecting to see in Goblin Slayer, not this season or any, was a swimwear episode. I can only assume that was what the warning at the beginning of the episode was referring to – “This show contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.” Part of me thinks that was more likely a flashback to the elf girl they rescued last season who Goblin Slayer saw in the home of the Elves that got cut, but there are those out there that, for some reason, get offended by bikinis. I’m definitely not one of them. It didn’t make the episode any better or worse. It simply existed.

What was your favourite moment?

I really enjoyed the scenes that were just focused on High Elf Archer and Goblin Slayer. They have a fun chemistry with him always being incredibly serious and her acting like a child, despite their considerable age differences. I liked that she defended him when her sister tried to tell her to give up fighting with him and come home. I think she summed up why we all hang around with Goblin Slayer. He’s always entertaining in his endless ways to kill goblins. His ingenuity is endlessly impressive. I also had a laugh when he saw the giant grey beast that looked like a dinosaur and called it an elephant, much to High Elf Archer’s disappointment.

Goblin Slayer II Episode 6 Goblin Slayer and High Elf Archer

Who was the most impactful character?

It was definitely High Elf Archer. She entertained us with stories of how she fact-checked her future brother’s stories of valour. She caught fish in a white two-piece bikini with her bow and arrow. At her home, she opted to stay with Goblin Slayer while the others ate and bathed in case goblins showed up, which she obviously believed would be incredibly unlikely. I can only hazard a guess as to why she was getting her white bikini out of her backpack! I think I prefer the show when it focuses on the main party and their goblin-slaying exploits. That said, I’m looking forward to seeing how they deal with the monster who has obviously been displaced by goblins, which is why it’s in the elven territory. It’s always goblins!

Goblin Slayer II Episode 6 High Elf Archer

What have you learned?

You could argue that being able to predict how the adventurers would deal with certain situations might make the show boring, however, done right, it can make the audience feel like their a part of the party. As soon as something happens, we know who to look for to solve that particular problem. We understand their strengths and limitations. This is all the more important when you have someone like Goblin Slayer who will turn the process for making ice cream into a weapon or have escape portals to the bottom of the ocean so that he can fire high-pressure water at an enemy. As always, it’s about balance.

Goblin Slayer II Episode 6 High Elf Archer attacks

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