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Ikaros is determined to be more like a human, but no matter what Tomoki tries, she cannot smile. She can say it, but that’s not even close to the same thing. Thankfully, Nymph has an idea – they all go on a date together!

What happened?

Tomoki is trying to teach Ikaros to smile. At first, he tries to make her genuinely smile but then moves on to faking it. However, Ikaros cannot manage either. It’s stopping her from feeling more human which is something she believes would make Tomoki happy.

As it’s December, the group decides to have a Christmas party at Tomoki’s house. While the others are busy making preparations, Nymph comes up with an idea that might make Ikaros smile. It’s possible, but it also feels like something that Nymph wants to do.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 12 Ikaros preparing breakfast

Reluctantly, Tomoki agrees to go on a date with both of the Angeloids. He protests, but it’s better to just get on with it. He takes them shopping where Ikaros buys a cart full of watermelons. Nymph appreciates the gesture but doesn’t want anything. So, Tomoki tries to take them to the cinema, which is also a complete bust!

Eventually, they go to the amusement park where Ikaros attacks a mascot. Things settle down momentarily when Tomoki shows them the animals. He takes advantage of the moment to get a tea. However, while he’s gone Ikaros decides that he would be happy if she released all the animals.

The animals attack Tomoki, stripping him of his clothes. As he tries to flee the marauding beasts, he is seen by a park ranger who calls for back-up. The military, air force, and police all show up and start shooting at the nude terrorist. After all that excitement, Nymph wants a kiss from Tomoki which causes Ikaros to fly away.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 12 Tomoki takes Ikaros and Nymph on a date

What did you think?

This episode delivered some more character development, showing us the struggles that Ikaros faces with trying to fit in and how Nymph began to wish that Tomoki was her master. It seemed incredibly unlikely several episodes ago, but we’re here and it makes perfect sense. However, the star of this episode was undoubtedly Tomoki!

The sight of Tomoki running from the pack of wild animals as they bite and claw at his was hilarious. Then the idea that they decided he was some sort of nude terrorist. They even call in the fighter jets. There’s just something ridiculously funny about Tomoki running around naked. The animals just completed the moment.

It was sad to see Nymph leaving once more, especially as she was starting to fit in. What’s worse is that we know what’s waiting for her should she make it back to the Synapse. Luckily for her, a bolt of fire blazes through the sky and smashes into the ground, revealing two more Angeloids, Gamma and Harpy. Get ready for the season finale!

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 12 Naked Tomoki hunted by the army

What have you learnt?

One of the fun things with Tomoki is that it doesn’t really matter if bad things happen to him. Sure, he’s occasionally a nice guy and does the right thing. He’s also a complete pervert who would use any opportunity to take advantage of a situation. So, when the armed forces all showed up to take down the nude terrorist that was running around the park, it was just funny. So funny!

I also liked that Ikaros and Nymph both seem to have developed feelings for Tomoki and that was causing them to have unexpected emotional reactions. Seeing them running self-diagnostics was a nice touch and hammered home the point that they aren’t human, even if they aspire to be human.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 12 Ikaros frees all the animals

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