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With two Angeloid Interceptors, Gamma and Harpy backing her up, Nymph tries to convince Ikaros to return to the Synapse, but the Interceptors have no interest in bringing anybody back with them!

What happened?

Tomoki and his friends were busy setting up the Christmas party for Ikaros and Nymph when they realised that no one has seen Nymph since the date with Tomoki. Sohara suggests that they all go look for her, although Tomoki is sure she’ll come back when she’s ready. Soon after, everyone runs out to do some chores, leaving Ikaros and Sohara at home. Sohara shows Ikaros a photo album with all of their adventures since the Angeloids arrived.

Ikaros says she needs to go out for a bit but actually intends to leave as she’s afraid of what Tomoki will think if he finds out that she’s actually a weapon. She tells Tomoki she’s leaving and then flies off to find Nymph. Ikaros is aware that some other Angeloids have appeared and that she will need to fight. As Nymph tries to convince Ikaros to come with her back to the Synapse, Gamma and Harpy attack Ikaros and then Nymph, but then Tomoki and the others show up…

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 13 Gamma And Harpy

Ikaros apologizes to Tomoki for being the weapon that she knew he’d hate. However, everyone is surprised when he said that he knew. He knew that and despite it wanted her to be happy because he could see that she had a good heart and it made him sad that she was being forced to do things that she didn’t want to.

That said, he was completely fine with Ikaros kicking Gamma and Harpy’s asses to save Nymph. Ikaros thanked Tomoki and then engaged the Uranus Queen mode and brought the fight to Gamma and Harpy. They tried to fight back but were quite clearly outmatched, especially when Ikaros interfaced with the Uranus.

While Ikaros took the fight to the skies, Tomoki and the others tried to break Nymph’s chain, freeing her from the masters in the Synapse. She worried that there would be an explosion and they’d all die, but they didn’t care. Freeing Nymph was all that mattered.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 13 Ikaros using the Uranus

What did you think?

This was actually a really nice way to end the season. Sure, we didn’t find too much out about the Synapse and other things, but it made sense and felt like we saw them achieve something. Seeing Tomoki manage to break Nymph’s chain and freeing her from her master as Ikaros went into full-on attack mode to defeat Gamma and Harpy was a lot of fun. See, he may be an uncontrollable pervert, but he can be a decent person too.

The scene where Gamma and Harpy thought they had defeated Ikaros and started to rip Nymph’s wings out was a particularly cruel and brutal moment. It harked back to the things that Nymph’s master had made her do to a bird in the Synapse as if to remind us of just how sadistic they are. Of course, that moment was broken by the arrival of Tomoki and the others. It was a nice way to show the contrast between the two worlds.

Ultimately, this episode was all about Ikaros and the Uranus which appears to be some sort of spaceship/weapon that exists in a parallel universe. Ikaros can link with it and pull parts of it into our universe. That was a very cool moment and was well worth the wait.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 13 Ikaros in Uranus Queen Mode

What have you learnt?

We’ve seen quite a lot of development from Tomoki as the season has gone on. He started out as the standard horny teenage boy who just wanted a nice, quiet life. I’m often surprised by how much he seems to notice. He really is aware of his friends’ needs and will do whatever he can to help them. That’s provided he’s not in one of his insatiably horny moments…

I think the characters in this series are all done quite well. None of them fit the standard cookie-cutter character tropes even if they would appear that way at first glance. I think that’s what makes this series so good. Well, that and exploding panties… Seriously though, there’s much more to even of them and the more time we spend with them the more we see. I’m glad that I’m taking the time to rewatch Heaven’s Lost Property.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 13 Nymph

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