Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 14) – Project Pink

Heaven's Lost Property Title

Nymph struggles to come to terms with life without a master and asks the group for help. Tomoki takes everyone to the water park, but then Nymph jams his ability to swim forcing him to take desperate measures!

Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 14) – Project Pink

What happened?

Having been freed from her cruel and oppressive master, Nymph struggles to find a purpose in her life. She asks the other what to do. She even goes to Tomoki to see if he has an order for her, but he’s busy with the transmogrifier. This time he’s turned himself into the floor of the girls’ locker room before becoming Tomoko again. However, Sohara sees Tomoki and that game is over before it began.

Bizarrely, the group decides to go to the local waterpark which is owned by Mikako’s family. Everyone seems to be having fun, but where has Tomoki gone? Of course, he shows up under the water, spying on all the girls in their bikinis. They try to stop him but he’s a slippery devil. Next, he ends up on the waterslide under Nymph as they slide down together.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 14 Sohara at the Water Park

Sohara tries to knock some sense into him, but Tomoki is too far gone. The potential for peeping is off the charts. If he can’t look at girls in bikinis here there where can he? Everyone but Mikako thinks he’s lost it, while she finds his brazen openness quite refreshing…

Finally, Nymph has had enough and jams his memories of learning to swim, taking all of his joy away. It’s not long, however, before Tomoki has a new plan and it involves speeding up the lazy river so that it causes the girls to lose their bikinis. He almost dies in the process, but it might be considered a success.

His final effort to peep is to turn himself into a pair of panties and hide in the girls’ locker room. Everything is going great. One of the girls is about to put him on, but then he notices who it is. Sohara stops suddenly, wondering why her panties are so ugly. Tomoki can’t control himself any longer and transforms back where he gets beaten to within an inch of his life.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 14 Tomoki Underwater Nosebleed

What did you think?

This is the OVA that is tied to the first season and continues the story from episode thirteen where Tomoki freed Nymph and Ikaros sent Gamma and Harpy fleeing back to the Synapse. I’m not sure why this is an OVA other than it’s more no holds barred than the regular episodes. For that reason alone, it’s great.

It was packed full of non-stop outrageous behaviour and it was hilarious. All to the backdrop of Nymph coming to terms with her freedom. Tomoki goes wild with the transmogrifier, transforming himself into the floor of the girls’ locker room, then Tomoko, and finally into a pair of panties… The utter absurdity of everything and the contrast between Tomoki acting like a horny pervert and offering sound and caring advice was just too much.

It feels wrong to like Tomoki in this episode as he was out of control in the OVA with no thoughts of television ratings and censorship. However, he’s full of surprises. Even though he was losing his mind to perversion, he still maintained the correct stance in letting Nymph work out how to be free, even when she begged him to give her an order.

What have you learnt?

Even in a series filled with fan service, you sometimes need to take a break, go to the waterpark and indulge in even more fan service. I know that doesn’t make sense but somehow it does. This series has got some fairly heavy topics that it handles surprisingly well. Even as Tomoki was losing his grip on reality, he managed to tell Nymph that he couldn’t give her an order. She was free. Free to make her own mind up.

At no point did it trivialise Nymph’s struggle or give her an easy out. This is something that she will have to get used to and it’s going to take time. Luckily, we have a whole other season in which she can explore her newfound freedom and we get to enjoy more of the same. Bring it on!

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 14 Girls in bikinis at the Water Park

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