Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 2) – An Airborne Prismatic Panty Adventure

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After walking in on Tomoki sitting on top of Ikaros, Sohara instantly jumps to the worst possible conclusion and runs off to school without him. Tomoki tries to run after her, but Ikaros follows and creates a scene!

What happened?

Eventually, Ikaros informs Tomoki that she can remove the chain which makes it possible for him to go to school without her. She follows him anyhow and causes quite the kerfuffle. Tomoki runs off to Sugata’s clubroom with Ikaros where student president Mikako joins them all. Sugata is intrigued by Ikaros’ arrival and believes she has come from the New World. Mikako just seems happy to tease Tomoki.

Finally, Tomoki convinces Ikaros to head home, but before leaving she gives him an older version of the wish-granting card for protection. He takes it but has no plans to use it. However, after Sohara trips and flashes her panties, Tomoki was surprised to see them literally fly off her body and flap around the room before flying out the window. They return to Sugata’s room for help!

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 2 Tomoki and Sohara

Unfortunately, everything she tries on also flies out the window. Sohara is getting frustrated while Tomoki suggests that maybe she should get used to the idea of never wearing panties again. After looking at the wish-granting card again, it transforms into a pair of handcuffs. Mikako is loving this deviant development.

Tomoki puts the handcuffs on Sohara so that she can’t karate chop him, however, this causes a new problem in that she can no longer protect herself from errant gusts of wind. Enter a gust of wind. Luckily, Ikaros sensed that Tomoki might be in danger and swooped in just in time to stop anyone from seeing anything.

After an interesting trip home with Sohara still in handcuffs and sans panties, Mikako and Ikaros help Soharo try on some new panties. Every one of them flies out the window… except for one. It was a pair with a cartoon bear on them that broke the wish and returned everything to normal… well, other than the flock of panties that have been seen flying around the world!

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 2 Mikako and Ikaros have panties for Sohara

What did you think?

It may sound crazy, but this is the episode that I realised I loved this series. The sight of a flock of panties flying around the world is just too much and it was just as funny this time. Again, Tomoki seems to dance between wanting a quiet life and extreme acts of perversion. Why he thought that putting handcuffs on Sohara would make things any easier is beyond me. Sure, she can’t hit him now, but it did nothing for her mood.

It then got even funnier when Tomoki told Ikaros that he needed panties. She obviously misunderstood and made all the panties within a one-hundred-metre radius appear, leaving a lot of girls going commando. They all then promptly flew out the window to join the others when they saw Sohara…

I need to mention the end credits. A calm and gentle song played us out as if this was some romantic shoujo series, but the imagery is of the flock of panties flying past major world monuments. It’s just so utterly surreal that I can’t help but stare in wonder. On top of that, there were several great lean-in lines from Mikako.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 2 Flock of Panties

What have you learnt?

I am starting to worry about Sohara barging into Tomoki’s room and giving him a beating. Sure, he might have deserved it in this episodes, but in the last one, she whipped the blanket off him and was surprised by what she found. The girl has got some anger issues, but you can see why with the way Tomoki flip-flops from lethargic dreamer to perverted go-getter.

Anyhow, back to the flying panties. This proves that no idea is too ridiculous. If you can do it well and set things up correctly, literally anything is possible. This episode was hilarious, surreal absurdism at its finest. Project A-ko was the series that made me realise that my sense of humour was a perfect fit for anime. This episode confirmed it beyond any doubt.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 2 Sohara and Tomoki

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