Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 24) – Forte: Peek Into the Fantasy Field

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Tomoki just wants a little peace and quiet but his house is always full of Angeloids and they won’t leave him alone, not even when he goes to the bathroom! What’s he got to do to get some peace and quiet?

Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 24) – Forte: Peek Into the Fantasy Field

What happened?

Tomoki just wants to read the paper in peace, but Sohara is trying to have a heart to heart with him. She’s obviously feeling left out now that Ikaros does everything she used to do for Tomoki. On top of that, Astraea is eating all of his food, but then that is his own fault, so he can’t really complain. Nymph appears to be staring at Tomoki, which is making him uncomfortable. It’s a good job Tomoki has lots of places to hide…

Unfortunately, Ikaros has retrofitted the entire house so that she can handle Tomoki’s every whim. When he tried to hide in the bathroom, she activated the warm water jet which blew him through the roof. Then when he hid in his closet, food dropped from the ceiling and the whole closet turned into a microwave and then a toilet… Why can’t they just leave him in peace?

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 24 Astraea wondering about her place in the world

After growing tired of all the nonsense at Tomoki’s house, Astraea visits Mikako who puts on a big meal for her and plants a question into her head that will no doubt lead to more trouble for Tomoki. She’s starting to wonder about her place in the world now that she doesn’t have a master.

Anyhow, a number of strange pipes have been appearing all over town and no one knows what they are for. Well, not no one. Tomoki has a pretty good idea, especially as he spent the last six months putting them in place. What could he be up to?

The pipes are so that he can peep on the girls around town without leaving the comfort of his own room. Of course, that all goes wrong when Sohara and Nymph find out what he’s up to and go about enacting their revenge. Unfortunately, the peeping pipes work both ways and they get a nasty shock. Then, Ikaros has a look and sees something that forces her to reboot her systems, erasing all memories of Tomoki.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 24 Tomoki's peeping system

What did you think?

I think this was actually the weakest episode of the entire show so far. The gags with Tomoki trying to be left alone weren’t that funny and then when they revealed Tomoki’s true master plan which was to have pipes running all over town so that he can spy on anyone anywhere was just stupid. Where was the absurdist comedy that has been this series’ crowning achievement? Not here, that’s for sure. Everything just felt lazy and cheap!

When they were all trying to get Tomoki out of the bathroom and then the closet the jokes just didn’t work for me, which was annoying as I’ve been fully on board with almost everything this series has done to this point. There was definitely an increase in the chibi forms of the characters in this episode which probably didn’t help either.

Tomoki is such a frustrating character. Sometimes, he offers some incredible insight into something you never saw coming and the rest of the time he’s an idiot. The fact that he’s so oblivious to the girls is ridiculous. He wants to peep and be a jerk, but if he just showed them some attention, he wouldn’t even have to try. It would all come to him.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 24 Astraea and Sohara see something they didn't want to

What have you learnt?

I felt sorry for Sugata in this episode. He’s clearly desperate to try to advance the plot. He even noticed all the strange occurrences and may have worked out that something is coming their way. Although, no one will listen to him. Even Nymph has lost interest in the plot, giving Sugata the dive game device so that he can play on his own.

In previous episodes, there’s been a good balance between the absurd comedy and plot progression. Sometimes it favoured one over the other, but this one didn’t seem to focus on either. I’ve enjoyed the dynamic with Sugata, a secondary character being the one to push the story on while Tomoki, the main character goofs off. When it works, it’s really good, but this was not one of those times and as a result, this entire episode fell flat. Luckily, Chaos is returning to shake things up!

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 24 Chaos is all grown up

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