Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 4) – Love and Triangles, Revisited

Heaven's Lost Property Title

The flock of flying panties returns to Tomoki’s bedroom after circumnavigating the Earth. Of course, Sohara isn’t too happy about it and uses a wish-granting card to make sure Tomoki regrets everything!

What happened?

Sohara found Tomoki hugging a pile of panties and lost her mind. She attacked him and the panties, leaving him battered and bruised and the panties in tatters. Tomoki tried to explain himself, but there really wasn’t much to explain. Sohara told him to get rid of them, but she had little faith in him and devised a backup plan.

The next morning, Sohara called to Tomoki and asked him if he had disposed of the panties. He said he had, but seconds later there was a blinding flash and then an explosion. Tomoki staggered to the window to see Sohara and Ikaros looking back at him from Sohara’s room. She had used a wish-granting card to make it to any panties that Tomoki saw or touched would explode.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 4 The Panties Return to Tomoki

Before Sohara and Ikaros could go shopping, Tomoki tricked Sohara into exposing her panties which promptly exploded. It was a nice piece of revenge, but it didn’t help Tomoki, especially as he had turned his house into a panty museum. Everywhere he looked, there were panties. And they exploded. Soon, his house was a smouldering mess and he had been blown up repeatedly.

Finally, he decided to just make a run for the door. However, Sohara had just come to get him after spending the day with Ikaros. He ran into her and they fell onto the floor. Unfortunately for them, Tomoki landed face-first on her panties. They exploded! When he woke up, he found Ikaros, Mikako, and Sugata standing over him.

Sohara had been blown into the house in the explosion and Tomoki needed to go in and save her. Of course, she had no panties now and didn’t want Tomoki to get near her. She tried to run, but ended up in Tomoki’s room and discovered his stash of erotic magazines. Even worse, they were protected by Super-Fusion Panty-Robo. Tomoki recalled his grandfather’s advice before rushing in to save Sohara.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 4 The Super-Fusion Panty-Robo captures Sohara

What did you think?

This was the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages. I literally laughed through the entire episodes. There wasn’t a single down moment and it was incredible. Not only did Tomoki fail to dispose of the panties but he turned his entire house into some sort of panty museum. He had panties in picture frames, pantie bunting, piles of panties, just panties everywhere you looked.

The best thing was that while Sohara took Ikaros out for shopping and ice cream, and reminisced about the time Tomoki was her only friend and made her feel good on her birthday, Tomoki was in a fight for his life. Interspersed within this heartfelt moment, we saw flashes of Tomoki flying through the air with panties exploding all around him. This episode was insanely good.

Even better was the moment that Tomoki woke up from accidentally exploding Sohara’s panties. Mikako gave him a big speech about being a man and sent him into the house to rescue Sohara. Once Tomoki had run off, Sugata points out that literally anyone else could have gone in and the panties wouldn’t be exploding. Of course, Mikako was well aware of this!

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 4 Naked Tomoki Rescues Pantyless Sohara

What have you learnt?

I’m going to talk about the scene where Sohara and Ikaros are having ice cream. Sohara asks Ikaros some questions and then starts to feel a little bad about what she did to Tomoki. It makes her remember how he has always been there for her. He used to be quite sweet. Of course, as this is going on Tomoki is gleefully flying through the air, propelled by exploding panties.

I bring this up again for two reasons. One, it’s funny as hell and I couldn’t stop grinning. And two, the contrast between these two events was spectacular and no doubt added to the humour of the scene. One of the things I’m starting to really zero in on with comedy is how it uses contrast to make things stand out. They could have easily put these scenes one after the other, but overlapping them made you experience them differently. It made it even funnier!

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 4 Tomoki blown up by Panties

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