Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 5) – Hot Night With the Big Fish

Heaven's Lost Property Title

With their house a pile of smoking rubble following the exploding panties situation, Tomoki and Ikaros search for somewhere else to live. When Sugata and Sohara are ruled out, Mikako swoops in with an offer…

What happened?

The episode began with Tomoki and Ikaros sitting in his living room. Tomoki commented about the upcoming weather and how they should get an air-conditioning unit. That was when Ikaros reminded him of their living situation as they sat among a smoking pile of rubble. They needed somewhere else to stay. Tomoki’s first thought, bizarrely, was to go see Sugata to live with him for a while, however, it’s bear season…

So, Tomoki went to see Sohara, who lives next door to him and asked her if they could stay there, but he couldn’t convincingly say that he wouldn’t try to steal her panties, so that was a no go. Then, out of the blue, Mikako swooped in and said that they could stay at her house and that Sohara and Sugata should come along too. Sugata isn’t as enthusiastic as the others but goes along anyhow.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 5 Ikaros and Mikako's father

That was when they discovered just what sort of a family Mikako comes from. Her father is some sort of boss with a small army at his disposal. Sugata tells Tomoki that they should be fine as long as they don’t break any rules. Then, they noticed Ikaros walk up to Mikako’s father and rub his bald head because he looked like her watermelon…

Luckily, he laughed it off and so began an extravagant evening of fine food and entertainment. It was all going so well, but then Tomoki went to have a bath. He walked into the onsen and found Mikako bathing alone. She admired his boldness, but then told him to get out before someone try to kill him. Of course, he had walked into the decapitation bath which was protected by Mikako’s family. As such, Tomoki was to be executed.

However, Ikaros intervenes and they all go to bed. The next morning, they wake up on a private jet to an isolated island owned by Mikako’s family. There are no resources there so they have to fend for themselves. After a while, they get separated. Tomoki finds Sohara, but there’s no sign of anyone else. After a month of living on the island together, and just as things are about to get interesting, Ikaros returns and reveals that it’s all been a punishment for Tomoki.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 5 Mikako in the decapitation bath

What did you think?

It would be hard to top the last episode and it looks like they didn’t even try. However, this was still a lot of fun and had some genuinely touching moments. It just wasn’t exploding panties funny. Mikako’s reaction to Tomoki walking into the bath was amazing and I loved the way she turned on a dime and got very serious, very quickly. Poor Tomoki had no idea what he had gotten himself into.

That said, the funniest thing about this episode was the lengths that Mikako was willing to go to in her attempts to punish Tomoki. It was unfortunate for Sohara that she got caught in the middle of it as the others enjoyed tea and the show. Of course, when you take into account that they were on the island alone for over a month, this is some serious payback.

However, that enabled us to see just how close Sohara and Tomoki are and without the external factors where their lives would go. I think that Sohara is the perfect girl for Tomoki, he just doesn’t know it yet and with all the distractions in the real world, maybe he never will. Still, it was a great moment and it’s impressive that we’re able to get that much of a change in tone without it feeling out of place.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 5 Tomoki and Sohara stranded

What have you learnt?

Well, other than never get on the wrong side of Mikako, I really enjoy the idea of taking two characters and dropping somewhere new where they have to work together to survive. This episode reminds me of episode 14 of Akame ga Kill where Tatsumi and Esdeath find themselves also stranded on a deserted island. It gives you a chance to see the characters in their rawest form.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a tropical island, but it’s anime so why not give us another chance for a beach episode. I’ve actually used something similar in one of my drafts where my main character is separated from her group and has to survive with an enemy. It was a lot of fun to write and delivered some heartbreaking moments. Taking your main characters and putting them into an unfamiliar situation is a great way to learn more about them.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 5 Sohara mad a Tomoki

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