Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 6) – Swimsuit Surf Brigade, Go! Go! Go!

Heaven's Lost Property Title

With his house rebuilt, Tomoki can get back to his quiet and peaceful life… yeah, right! The arrival of a second Angeloid will see that his dream is well and truly quashed. At least he gets to spend the day at the beach!

What happened?

Already frustrated by the imposition Ikaros had made to his life, Tomoki wakes up to find yet another Angeloid sitting in his living room. This time, eating his chips. Nymph looks kind of like Ikaros, but also very different. She also calls Tomoki a little bug and seems to go out of her way to belittle him. At least, he doesn’t have to stay home and take it, he’s going to the beach with Sohara.

Well, it was supposed to be just Tomoki and Sohara. However, Sugata and Mikako both won the same prize as Sohara in a raffle, so they were all heading to the beach, Ikaros and Nymph included. Tomoki decided that it was best for him to just focus on having fun at the beach. First up, a nice game of volleyball. Unfortunately, no one told Tomoki that beach volleyball can giveth and it can taketh away!

After witnessing Sugata taking part in a curry eating contest, Sohara and Tomoki agree to take a boat out in the water. Sohara goes to get the boat while Tomoki goes to talk to Nymph who he sees sitting alone on the beach. He brings her a hotdog and tries to be polite, but she is cold and harsh, although she did like the hotdog.

Tomoki realises he’s not seen Ikaros in a while and starts to panic. Luckily, Nymph locates her, walking at the bottom of the sea. Tomoki tries to fish her out, but it’s too deep for him and he ends up needing her help. In order to keep things from getting weirder, Tomoki decides to teach Ikaros to swim.

Sohara comes down to the beach with the boat and finds Tomoki preoccupied with Ikaros. She decides to go out on her own, but she can’t swim and while she’s thinking about Tomoki, she drifts out to sea. Tomoki spots her fall in the water and swims out to save her. Nymph flies out and scoops him up, taking him to where Sohara was.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 6 Tomoki and Nymph flying to save Sohara

What did you think?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a big fan of beach episodes. It might be down to growing up by the sea and being a lifeguard while I was studying, although it’s hard to pin down exactly what the reason is. That said, this episode lacked the big laughs of previous episodes and I worry that everything will be measured against the exploding panties episode which is still a flawless work of art.

One thing that I always enjoy with Heaven’s Lost Property is the end credits. It’s always something unique and this time, we get to see exactly what Ikaros was photographing on the beach. Tomoki barely made it into every picture thanks to someone walking by at just the wrong time and getting their bum in the picture. It’s most inconsiderate… Tomoki!

I’m still waiting for Tomoki to give Ikaros a hug. She told him that while he sleeps, she sits there and waits for him to wake up. She sits there alone watching Tomoki sleep… Give her a hug already. Is that too much to ask for? However, all Tomoki can do is tell her off, which leads to her apologizing to him. It’s not a stretch to imagine her smothering him with a pillow!

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 6 Ikaros defending Tomoki

What have you learnt?

I really liked Sohara in this episode. She’s grown on me more this time around. Her role as the childhood friend love interest is sad. In anime, the childhood friend rarely gets the guy which is crazy because she’s the real love interest for Tomoki. If he could just stop perving all the other girls for a second, he’d notice it too. The flashbacks to their childhood do a great job of developing her character, making her quite likeable.

Why can’t these anime protagonists realise that the love of their lives has been with them all along? Seeing Sohara watch Tomoki with Ikaros and Nymph is hard, especially when you see her reaction. I just want Sohara to be happy. Sure, she’s a little violent, but she means well and genuinely loves Tomoki.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 6 Sohara wet and upset

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