Heaven’s Lost Property (Episode 7) – The Brainy, Heart-pounding Transfer Students

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The summer break is over and it’s time for Tomoki and Sohara to go back to school. Of course, Tomoki makes it incredibly clear that Ikaros and Nymph are not to follow them. Do not follow! Yeah, good luck with that!

What happened?

Frustrated at being left to look after the house, Ikaros and Nymph use a wish-granting card to enrol in the school as transfer students. Tomoki curses his luck as his dreams of another quiet day staring out the window vanish. Sohara, on the other hand, is quite excited to be able to help Ikaros and Nymph, until she realises that neither needs any help.

Ikaros and Nymph are an instant hit with the other boys in the school, receiving buckets full of love letters. Nymph tosses hers in the garbage, much to the annoyance of Tomoki, who demands that they take the time to read them. It’s obviously a sore point for him. To get back at him, Nymph pulls another trick out of her sleeve and has Ikaros stand in as the science teacher with a focus on flying. Now, she just needs a volunteer!

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 7 Tomoki's Mad

For some reason, Sugata and Mikako were in the lesson with them and before he had a chance to complain everyone had convinced Tomoki to take up the wings and try to fly. It was a stirring moment that I’m sure almost anyone would struggle to go against. So, Tomoki put on the wings and flying helmet, stood on the window ledge, and jumped. He soared up into the sky and then came crashing back down.

After Tomoki had been carted off to the hospital, Nymph decided to check up on Ikaros. There was no one around, so she initiated a scan of Ikaros’ data files. Almost everything had been locked down, particularly memories and emotion. Who would do that and why?

Sugata walked in just as it was getting interesting and made some observations to Nymph. One such suggestion hit a little close to home. He theorized that they had both been sent to Earth for very different reasons!

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 7 Nymph and Ikaros with home economics supplies

What did you think?

This episode was fairly crazy without being too insane. The whole scene where Tomoki jumped out of the window with the wings prepared by Sugata seemed like it had to be Tomoki daydreaming. Amazingly, it wasn’t. The most notable part of the show was when Ikaros and Nymph were looking at the love letters and Nymph ran some sort of system analysis on Ikaros. We learnt that her memories, emotions, and even her powers were being restricted.

The story has become much more interesting now that we know that Ikaros isn’t just a simple pet class Angeloid, something that Sugata had been pondering for a while now. Of course, learning that she was the terror of the Synapse known as the Uranus Queen was a very cool development. It wasn’t exploding panties cool, but it did a lot to further the plot.

While this episode wasn’t as funny as some of the others, there were some good moments. Seeing Sohara’s desire to be useful to Nymph and Ikaros getting dashed was pretty funny. It also showed us more hints that she likes Tomoki with how she asked about how he felt about Ikaros and Nymph… Don’t answer that, Tomoki. It’s a trap.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 7 Sohara can't keep up

What have you learnt?

Little hints are constantly dropped in this series. They’re usually surrounded by peculiar behaviour and funny moments, but they are there. You problem noticed them even if you didn’t exactly see them. All will become clear when they are revealed and you nod in agreeance because it was completely obvious after the fact.

There are also a number of less subtle moments such as the flashback to Nymph in the Synapse at the end of the episode. As with most things, it’s nice to have a little variety. It helps to keep the audience engaged. There’s nothing quite as annoying as not know what is going on. Part of the picture is good, but being left completely in the dark will cause people to walk away.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 7 Ikaros and Tomoki

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