Heaven’s Lost Property (Season One)

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Tomoki is just your average teenage boy who wants nothing more than peace and quiet, but with the help of a beautiful Angeloid, he has to power to be so much more. Then again, he is a teenage boy, so this could get messy!

Heaven’s Lost Property (Season One)

What did you watch?

This is the third time I’ve watched Heaven’s Lost Property and it’s been just as entertaining. One of the things that have always stuck with me is the type of humour. This series is quite surreal at times and that might not suit everyone’s tastes, but I grew up in England watching Monty Python and all the shows that followed in its wake so this is basically my jam. When I relaunched my site, which was almost two years ago now, I knew that I would have to revisit Heaven’s Lost Property, so here we are.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 9 The Tomoki Tower

What happened?

Tomoki likes his quiet and peaceful life in his small town. There’s not much to worry about and he’s grateful for that. That was until a beautiful winged woman fell from the sky and declared him her master. With the power to grant wishes, Ikaros turned Tomoki’s life upside down. He still wants a peaceful life, but he also has a certain lust for life that could get him in trouble.

However, Ikaros isn’t exactly who she claims to be. The truth will threaten to rip Tomoki’s life apart, although he’s more concerned with panties and sneaking into the girls’ locker room. Then, as if Tomoki’s life wasn’t complicated enough, another Angeloid appears and moves in with them. That peace and quiet that he longs for looks like a distant dream at this stage.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 12 Tomoki takes Ikaros and Nymph on a date

What did you think?

I love this series. The humour is exactly what I look for, but it’s much more than that. Tomoki can be considered an out of control pervert, but he also has moments of clarity that allows him to give a perspective that few would be able to offer. He’s a complete mystery and you never quite know how he’s going to react or what he’s going to do, but you can bet it’s going to be entertaining. Together with a fantastic cast of characters, this series is amazing. There’s never a dull moment. I do think they overuse the chibi style, but I also understand that it softens the tone and makes Tomoki less sinister.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 4 Naked Tomoki Rescues Pantyless Sohara

What was your favourite moment?

My absolute favourite moment was the whole of episode four – the exploding panties episode. I literally laughed all the way through the episode. The idea of Tomoki being trapped in his house surrounded by panties that explode if he looks or touches them was just too funny. Even when they cut away to Sohara and Ikaros on a day out shopping, we would get little flashes of Tomoki flying through the air with a grin plastered to his face. This was a great episode, possibly one of my all-time favourites in any series.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 4 Tomoki blown up by Panties

What was your least favourite moment?

As funny and insightful as Tomoki was, he could also be a bit of a jerk. The way he would treat Ikaros from time to time bothered me. He often shows little patience with her and is quick to start yelling. It’s very odd considering he had those moments where he is thoughtful and considerate, often well above what you might expect of a regular person. He just needs to cut Ikaros a little more slack!

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 7 Tomoki's Mad

Who was your favourite character?

This is such a hard one… Er… I mean how am I supposed to pick? Looking through the reviews, my favourite changed a lot. I think it’s between Tomoki and Sohara with Mikako just behind. I keep getting surprised that Tomoki isn’t just a hopeless horny teenager, which is how I remembered him. I also don’t remember liking Sohara as much, but on reflection, she’s the one that I believe should end up with Tomoki.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 2 Tomoki and Sohara

Who was your least favourite character?

This is another one that’s not easy to answer. I think on reflection, Nymph is my least favourite character. It’s mostly because of how she came into the series and instantly put everyone at an arm’s length. She has definitely grown on me as the series progressed, so when I say she’s my least favourite it doesn’t mean much as I love all the characters.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 13 Nymph

Would you like some more?

I definitely want more Mikako, so yes, of course. She started off with lots of great lean-in comments and one-liners but has become a much more central character so those don’t happen as much. Any time she’s organising things and causing trouble is when she’s at her best like in the festival shooting competition. I know she has some more in the second season and I can’t wait.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 11 Mikako and Sohara at the Bathhouse

What have you learnt?

Heaven’s Lost Property does a number of things well. One such thing is the way that’s integrated this world with real history. It’s just small things, but Ikaros destroying the Tower of Babel was a great example. They don’t really have much of an impact on the lives of our characters now, but it helps to ground the story in reality, which seems to make the more fantastical things that much more believable, even if we know they don’t exist.

Another thing it does really well is how it mixes comedy with some fairly serious things. In the last episode Tomoki, Sohara, Mikako, and Sugata attempt to free Nymph from her master while Ikaros is fighting Harpy and Gamma. They accepted that they might die, but they were going to do it anyhow. Then you have episodes with exploding panties and town-wide shooting games. It feels like it shouldn’t go together, but it does.

Once more, this feels like it’s down to the characters and the way that they’ve been crafted allows them to have the freedom to be funny, outrageous, sincere, or even rude. This is exactly what you want if you’re going to craft a story that can keep going. The possibilities for the series are endless because there is no situation that this group couldn’t make work in their favour.

Heaven's Lost Property Episode 8 Ikaros thins the competition in the survival game

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