Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku (Volume 12) – There’s No Fun to Be Had Here!

Hells Paradise Jigokuraku Volume 12 Cover

Everyone is fighting to bring down the giant Banko flower before the sun comes up. However, even if they can destroy it, that’s not Rein’s true goal. She’s heading to the mainland and she will not be stopped!

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku (Volume 12) – There’s No Fun to Be Had Here!

What happened?

Sagiri bought Gabimaru enough time for him to fight Shija with all of his power. Shija tried to fight back and may well have won if Gabimaru had not transcended his human state. He defeated Shija and then attacked the Tandem, destroying it. The others all attacked their targets and each one was successful. However, the sun had risen and was healing the plant faster than they could destroy it. Asa Chobe decided that it was time for him to step up. He used his Tao powers to follow the roots of Banko and ripped them to pieces. With them, it slowly withered and died.

Gui Fa met with Mei and Yuzuriha and warned them of Rein’s true intentions. She wasn’t actually a Tensen. She was the human wife of the Grand Master that had come to the island to create the Elixir of Life. Well, it turns out the Grand Master died seven hundred years ago and Rein was subject to arborification too, however, she created a copy of herself and controlled it remotely. After all, all of the Tensen were made from her Tao. Now, her only goal was to gather enough Tao to revive her husband by taking over the mainland.

They raced to stop the boat from leaving, but they were too late. Luckily, there was one boat in the harbour, but it was blocked with debris. Mei used her Kishikai form to clear the debris, allowing them to sail after Rein. Shugen and Gantetsusai were already aboard, although Shugen had been defeated. Gantetsusai used his strength to slice the hull of the ship in two, slowing it enough for the others to catch up. However, before leaving Gui Fa told Mei and Yuzuriha that he had used I Ching to see the future. Only two men and one woman would survive this ordeal. But who?

Hells Paradise Jigokuraku Volume 12 Gantetsusai leaves Rein and Shugen to deal with Gabimaru

What did you think?

This volume was all action and I loved it. I love the late twist about Rein and her desires. It certainly ups the ante and now we have a battle at sea to look forward to. I can’t help but think that Shugen will continue to be a pain, even missing his sword hand, but then Gantetsusai spoke the truth when he warned them that Gabimaru was more tenacious than they could imagine.

There was a moment near the beginning of the volume where I was starting to wonder if Shija was going to be revealed to actually be Gabimaru’s wife. Their gender was never revealed and they did kind of look similar. There was one panel that makes me think it could still be true when we saw Shija with a scar similar to his wife. That would be quite the last-minute revelation itself.

So, there’s one volume left and a prediction of three survivors. Will that come to be? I’m hoping that it won’t be the case because I would be gutted if either Yuzuriha or Sagiri don’t make it. I feel like Gabimaru won’t though. I can see him making the ultimate sacrifice to save the others… I mean Sagiri. I can’t help but feel like there is something between them, even if he won’t admit it. I’m not sure I’m ready for the next book, but here goes…

Hells Paradise Jigokuraku Volume 12 Jikka faces Divine Beast Banko

Volume highlights

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