Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku (Volume 6) – Bochu Jutsu!

Hells Paradise Jigokuraku Volume 6 Cover

Gabimaru finds himself facing the Bandit King, Aza Chobe, but he’s stronger than before. Somehow, he has a huge amount of Tao and since Gabimaru can’t remember anything, he doesn’t know how to use his Tao.

Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku (Volume 6) – Bochu Jutsu!

What happened?

Gabimaru couldn’t tell who was foe and who was friend and in situations like that he defaulted to foe. Of course, Aza Chobe also had no intention of making allies either and he was also itching for a fight with Gabimaru. Mei was concerned because she could tell that Gabimaru couldn’t use Tao since knocking himself out in the last battle. Aza, however, had an abundance of it after he was thrown in the Tan processing pit. The battle raged on and on with each fighter putting more and more of their bodies on the line. Eventually, Mei stepped in and made the floor crumble beneath them. Aza fell into a deep chasm while Gabimaru was restrained by Gantetsusai.

Soon after they met up Sagiri and the others as they left Horai. They planned on fleeing the island, although Gabimaru wasn’t going to be much help in his current state. Sagiri pushed him to the ground and sat on top of him. She poured her Tao into him in a method similar to Bochu Jutsu. It gave Gabimaru his memories back and began to heal his soul. However, that just reminded him of why he was here. He needed to find the Elixir of Life to return to his wife… who may or may not even exist.

As they planned their way off the island, Mei absorbed Houko’s Tao to replenish her own. It was his way of making amends for not getting her off the island sooner. Not long after, Mei noticed a huge presence arriving on the island. She couldn’t tell if it was one person with enormous Tao or many with average Tao. That is sure to upset things further. Meanwhile, Aza was captured by another of Lord Tensen who wanted to experiment on him. If he cooperated, he would be allowed to join Lord Tensen as they sought to convert all the humans in the world into Tan!

Hells Paradise Jigokuraku Volume 6 Lord Tensens plans revealed

What did you think?

This series just gets better and better. We’ve learnt that the island was constructed by a historical figure who left the mainland for Japan in search of the Elixir of Life. He experimented on creatures creating hybrids by using their Tao to match them up. In the end, he created Lord Tensen which is a hybrid of animal and plant, allowing it to continually replenish its Tao by working as Ying and Yan. I’m finding all of these explanations to be absolutely fascinating and it’s just making this work that much more exciting.

I am glad that Gabimaru has his memory back and the way Sagiri basically dominated him was impressive. I am really enjoying the flirting between Yuzuriha and Sagiri. That’s been a surprising highlight for me. Both are great characters, but together they’re even better. Then, when you throw in Shion who is basically a blind Zoro from One Piece it just takes things to another level.

Of course, the arrival of the other warriors which included the other Shinobi who were there to target Gabimaru will blow things up to another level altogether. Then, we had the revelation that Lord Tensen is about to attack the entire world. Yes! Give me more!!!

Hells Paradise Jigokuraku Volume 6 Sagiri stradles Gabimaru

Volume highlights

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