High School DxD (Episode 9) – I’ve Begun My Training!

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Because of Rias’ inexperience when it comes to Rating Games, they have been given some more time to prepare. That’s right. Get reading for training camp. Issei has got a lot of work to do if he’s going to stop Riser!

High School DxD (Episode 9) – I’ve Begun My Training!

What happened?

Issei and Asia are the least experienced members of the group so it only makes sense that they are given the most training. It’ll give the others a chance to show off what they can do. And, who doesn’t love a good training montage? Issei starts off sparing with Kiba and learns that he’s no good with a sword. Then, he learns about magic from Akeno and discovers that he’s no good at that either. Finally, Koneko shows him some fighting skills, which he is also no good at. However, Koneko reminds him that everyone has different strengths. His is that he works hard and is a pervert.

To test what they learnt, Rias asks Issei and Asia to cook using only magic. It’s going to be a real challenge for Issei, however, he learns that he can peel potatoes and onions if he imagines them coming off like a girl stripping. Pervert power! This gives Issei an idea and he needs Asia’s help, however, he wants to keep this new skill a secret until the time is right. What could he be planning?

Issei bumps into Rias on his way back to bed having spent most of the night training with Asia. She tells him about the devils and how Riser is an immortal. He hopes he can help her in the Ratings Game, although he acknowledges that he is the weakest piece. To show him how strong he can be, Rias makes him train with Kiba once more where he will continually boost his strength. They need him to be able to get as strong as possible. Surprisingly, Issei manages to create an attack that blows the top off a mountain! Looks like he might be ready!

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 9 Rias clan training

What did you think?

This montage worked well because it showed us Issei and Asia coming to terms with the powers available to them and because it gave us a better understanding of what the established members of the group can do. Everything was kept to a good length and at no point did it feel like we weren’t given enough time to appreciate what was happening or that it was dragged out. for too long. Basically, it was just right.

There were two moments that stood out to me. The first was after Koneko had beaten him up. She gave him a talk about how everyone has different strengths. It was amazing how she zeroed in on his particular special powers. As they say, you’ve got to play to your strengths. I think this is probably one of the cleverest ways to setup his coming special ability. Has everything been working up to this point? It certainly looks that way now.

It’s good that Isse hasn’t instantly become an overpowered monster as that allows considerably more room for him to continue to grow. I think he’s learnt what he needs to be a nuisance in the rating game. Plus, if he gets a chance to fire off that magic attack, that could turn the game on its head. I’m excited to get it on.

High School DxD Uncensored Episode 9 Issei concentrating

Episode highlights

Mid-episode Transition!

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