How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? (Episode 8) – What If We Get Lost?

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Saotomi’s colleagues are curious about what she’s been up to lately, so they follow her and join the gym too! Good timing, because it’s the school hiking trip and it’s probably dangerous!

How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? (Episode 8) – What If We Get Lost?

What happened?

Aina and Kure follow Saotomi to the gym and end up having a trial run with Machio and they instantly see why Saotomi is there. They’re also a little puzzled about the group of students, but that’s fine. Machio explains why sit-ups won’t do anything for the side of the stomach and then shows them a suitable exercise.

It’s the school hiking trip, organized by Aina and Kure and it’s almost certainly probably safe for everyone to do. That said, there is a certain technique to efficient hiking, something that Kure is the master of. As the others find their stride, Aina, Saotomi, and Hibiki end up taking a wrong turn and getting lost on the mountain.

Meanwhile, back at Silverman’s Gym, Machio has just run out of protein powder, but luckily another gym member has a spare bag he can give him, so all is right in the world again.

How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift Episode 8 School Hiking Trip

What did you think?

I love this series and always get quite excited when I see that the new episode is available. This episode was full of fun moments with the introduction of two more characters. As always, there are lots of useful tips on getting fit and healthy. I’m still waiting for the exercise video to come out, but until then, I may actually join a gym. That’s how good this series is. It makes you want to do better and join in. The positivity is infectious.

Episode highlights

New Recruits!

Side Bends!

Idol Group!



Tree Climbing!

Protein Powder!

Found you Machio!

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