How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω (Episode 20) – Visit to the Royal Capital

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Diablo arrived at Seven Walls and was quick to make a bad impression. Luckily for him, Alicia was on hand to arrange for them to enter the capital. She even gave them somewhere safe to stay. Maybe, she’d changed!

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω (Episode 20) – Visit to the Royal Capital

What happened?

Or maybe not. Alicia was under investigation for her absence during the time she tried to revive Krebskulm, but that hadn’t dulled her desire to see the mortal races vanquished from this world. Well, at least she has lots of money and feels indebted to Diablo. However, that didn’t sit too well with Rose who wasn’t sure about Alicia and how she fit into Diablo’s life. They managed to settle things and then everyone went to bed.

Well, almost. Diablo woke up to find Rose staring at him. It would appear that she needs to recharge her battery and can do so by being in Diablo’s proximity, however, if he were to touch her it would charge up much quicker. Since she’s been at thirty percent for some time now, he agrees to help and may have taken things a little far. She passed out at one-hundred and twenty percent.

Alicia was able to dig up some dirt on the Cardinals during the night but was unable to accompany them to the cathedral. Diablo was ready to do some serious damage, much to Alicia’s delight, however, Lumachina wanted to excommunicate the cardinals and do it properly… That doesn’t go quite to plan!

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 8 Alicia sits with Diablo

What did you think?

Bizarrely, I really enjoyed this episode. It still wasn’t perfect, but maybe the weight of expectations had been lifted. I do feel like the series went back to a format that felt familiar, keeping with what happened in the first season. It was nice to see Alicia back and her dynamic with Rose was great. In fact, Rose on her own is great, but when others interact with her things get even better.

I am at the point now though, that I don’t like Lumachina. She’s just too virtuous. The Cardinals were trying to kill her, but still, she seemed to think they would just accept her telling them to leave the church. She’s too naive and it’s boring to watch. I’d rather see her grappling with some sort of emotional response. They’ve destroyed the thing she believes in and targetted her personally. What have they got to do to make her really angry?

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 8 Diablo epic nosebleed

What have you learnt?

In this episode, we briefly saw a necklace that would forge a master-servant pact with Diablo. Rose offered it to Horn to make her more powerful, but it also meant that her life would be tied to Diablo’s. That didn’t seem like such a bad idea, but then Rose took it away again. Given that Horn managed to escape at the end of the episode and this revelation, you can almost guarantee that it will be used in the next two episodes. It was kind of a little too obvious.

I think the first half of this season missed the darker characters like Alicia, Edelgard, and Rose. Everything was too chummy and light that it just got a bit boring. Also, given that none of it really impacted the story the entire quest to Zircon City was a huge waste of time and maybe we’d have been better off heading to Seven Walls sooner, with a stop at Diablo’s dungeon on the way to pick up Rose. There are only two episodes left which make me feel like this is going to be a rushed ending. Hope it’s at least entertaining…

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord 2 Episode 8 Diablo and Lumachina

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