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A demand has been made by the Elf kingdom – handover Shera or they will go to war with Faltra City. Lord Galford has asked that Diablo resolve the situation, one way or another, as long as the war is prevented.

What did you watch?

This was episode 5 of How Not to Summon a Demon Lord and so far, it’s probably the weakest episode. In the grand scheme of things, it introduces several characters and situations that will become important, but I’ll get to that in a moment. As normal, there will be spoilers after this point, but then this did come out last year, so you’ve had plenty of time to watch it!

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 5 Diablo Angry

What happened?

At the end of the last episode, Sylvie, the Guild Master informed Diablo that the elves were ready to go to war if Shera wasn’t handed back to them. Galford, the Lord of Faltra City has given Diablo the task of resolving the conflict before it begins. Sylvie then tells them that a bounty has been placed on Shera, so they should watch their backs!

Diablo demands to see Galford so that he can get a better idea of who they are dealing with. He tries to play it cool, but his social anxiety takes over freeing the edgy demon lord persona to shoot his mouth off. To aid Diablo an Imperial Knight, Alicia Cristela has been assigned to the mission. Satisfied, they head out to start the quest, but before long Shera has been kidnapped…

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 5 Galford

What did you think?

As I said earlier, this episode does a lot of setting up. We meet Lord Galford and see the presence he has other overs. Alicia is introduced and she’s going to have a big part to play. On top of that, and the driving thing behind it all is the demand from the elves. This will take Shera’s story on a path that was quite surprising the first time around.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 5 Shera And Alicia Become Friends

What was your favourite moment?

The moment that Shera was kidnapped was when this episode really came to life. There were lots of fun moments before and after where Diablo battled with his social anxiety and his edgy demon lord persona, but this is where the action happened. Best of all was when Emile showed up to save the day, revealing that he can smell a woman’s sweat when she is in danger… Emile really is an enigma!

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 5 Shera Kidnapped

What was your least favourite moment?

After how much I’d enjoyed the first four episodes, it was a shame that this one fell flat. Even in the other episodes, there was always some small details that enhanced the world that really stood out whereas here, it just kind of went through the motions. It’s going to get much better so I’m not overly worried about a single dip.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 5 Shera

Who was your favourite character?

Wow! Diablo again, huh! It’s kind of hard not to pick Diablo because he’s so integral to everything that happens. His inner monologues are fantastic as he tries to navigate social interactions all the while remaining as a demon lord. It really is one of the best things about this show. Of course, then there’s Shera…

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 5 Diablo Refuses To Give Shera Up

Who was your least favourite character?

It could easily be one of Galford or Alicia. Neither really did that much in the episode. Galford just kind of stood around looking imposing and asking short questions, whereas Alicia did go with the group and interacted, but she’s so uptight it makes her hard to like.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 5 Alicia Cristela

Would you like some more?

Even this small blip is not enough to dampen my mood on How Not to Summon a Demon Lord. I know what’s coming and frankly, I can’t wait. There’s always something to be learnt from stories, even parts that don’t resonate. Plus, I get to revisit my favourite shows and talk about them, which is always fun.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 5 Rem Attacks

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