Hundred (Episode 1) – Little Garden

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Hayato arrives at Little Garden, the base of operations for the Slayers, the only thing standing between humanity and the Savages. Already famous thanks to his Hundred compatibility score, Hayato is in for a rough day!

Hundred (Episode 1) – Little Garden

What happened?

Upon arriving at the aircraft carrier city that is Little Garden, Hayato finds that some have heard of his unusually high compatibility score and are rolling out the red carpet. As that doesn’t interest him, he slips away and finds the venue for the admission assembly. He’s greeted by yet more fans curious about his score. After slipping away, he bumps into Emile, who seems to know him and demands they become friends.

During the admission ceremony, they are introduced to the Student President and Queen of Little Garden, Claire Harvey. She is the strongest Slayer on Little Garden and shows that she means business when the two girls that tried to greet Hayato at the airport come in late. Regardless of their excuses, she expels them on the spot. Hayato is about to speak out, but Emile beats him to it and also gets expelled. Hayato eventually voices his opinion and is challenged to a duel by Claire Harvey to decide the fates of the others.

Hundred Episode 1 Hayato Kisaragi and Emile Crossfode

What did you think?

This is my second time watching Hundred and I enjoyed it the first time. That said, this is far from a perfect first episode, but it was fine. The biggest issue I have, and this may be a spoiler, but I doubt it, was that Emile was the worst example of a girl pretending to be a guy and the fact that Hayato didn’t realise is insane. There were more than enough clues beyond Emile’s appearance and actions. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt, however, as I’m sure he’s just trying to be open and accepting.

I think it actually did a pretty good job of setting the scene and explaining the details that make this world interesting without going into too much of an exposition dump. If anything, I think they may have given away a little too much information. They certainly weren’t subtle with many of the “secrets” that will be fully confirmed in the following episodes.

Hundred Episode 1 Emile Crossfode

What have you learnt?

In fantasy and science fiction it’s not uncommon to use an existing word to mean something else. Personally, I’m not a big fan of this as it’s a chance for the audience to pull away and any chance that you give them to step back and lose interest is a loss in my mind. In this series, I’m, of course, talking about the titular Hundred. It refers to the small diamond-shaped device that transforms into their weaponry. At no point does it explain why it’s called Hundred or if there is any relevance to the name, so why bother? Call it something new. It really doesn’t need to be called Hundred.

So, now back to the failed attempts at subtlety. The episode opens with Hayato having a flashback where he was with a little girl with grey hair. He wakes and wonders if he’ll ever find out who that little girl was… I’m not even going to say it. Everyone already knows. I’m all for giving clues and setting up things so that the conclusion feels natural. It’s a great way to get the audience involved. As soon as they start making theories, they will want to see if they were right and will likely continue. If you pretty much give it all away too soon then there’s nothing pulling them on. Luckily, this episode ended with the beginning of the duel so that should be enough for now.

Hundred Episode 1 Claire Harvey

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