Hundred (Episode 10) – School Festa

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It’s time to set the stage for the final showdown and what better timing than the School Festa to celebrate the second year since Little Garden’s launch. They’ve even employed cleaning robots to keep everything tidy!

Hundred (Episode 10) – School Festa

What happened?

Since they have a genuine world-renowned diva on board, it would be a waste not to have Sakura perform at the Festa. Even better, she has a surprise for her concert and is quite certain it will blow Hayato away. As it’s such a big event and the infamous Vitaly Tinyanof is still at large, they’ve recruited help from around the world and even put a fleet of cleaning robots to work. Everything will be perfect!

Perfect for who though! Back at the lake, Vitaly had used the confusion to test some new toys of hers and was pleased with the result. One such result was her ability to get someone inside the security of Little Garden so that she could walk in without so much as a strange glance. Meanwhile, the concert went on and Sakura’s big surprise was the debut of Karen, Hayato’s little sister who is able to move thanks to her Hundred.

Hundred Episode 10 Karen Kisaragi in concert

What did you think?

There were some funny moments in this episode, most notably the scene in the maid café where they made Emile dress up as a maid, thinking he was a guy. Then, to make matters worse, they decided that Hayato should feel the fake boobs they had given him, completely unaware that they were her real boobs. Hayato also believed they were fake too and was shocked to find out they weren’t as all the other maids cheered his boob grabbing! Possibly the most surreal thing I’ve seen in a while.

Then, we had the concert which was nice for Karen and Hayato, especially seeing her standing after presumably a long time, but it was also fairly cringe-worthy. Ironically, I enjoy the songs from this series, but the idol elements are a bit too far for me personally. I also find the faces they make when they sing to be a little odd. Finally, we had the robot cleaners and I’m going to talk about those next…

Hundred Episode 10 Emilia in the maid cafe

What have you learnt?

So, they brought in a load of robot cleaners to help keep everything tidy. Sounds like a great idea, however, they are about to become a fairly big plot point and to drop them in so suddenly and then make a point of telling us about them and having the brainwashed Wendy stare at one for a considerable amount of time is too much.

I complained about the lack of subtlety with a number of aspects early on and that seems to have resurfaced. These robots should have been there from the beginning. You cannot foreshadow events just before they happen. There needs to be a period of disconnect so that the audience almost forgets about them just as they become relevant. Otherwise, it seems forced.

Hundred Episode 10 Vitaly Tinyanof

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