Hundred (Episode 3) – Variant Awakening

Hundred Title

Hayato and Emile accompany Claire and the student council on a mission to defeat three Savages that are attacking a nearby island. One is of unknown potential, but they can’t sit back. People will die!

Hundred (Episode 3) – Variant Awakening

What happened?

After learning of the strength of one of the Savages, Claire was planning on leaving Hayato and Emile behind. However, Charlotte revealed that it wasn’t her that recommended they be included. It was Liza, the artificial intelligence that runs Little Garden. Claire reluctantly agrees to take them along, but they are to leave the third Savage to Claire and the student council.

Libby and Erica show Hayato and Emile what they’re made of by quickly immobilising one Savage and destroying its core. Next, they move on to the largest Savage, leaving Hayato and Emile to take on the smaller one. Emile decides the best thing is to copy what the others did and jumps out of the plane with Hayato. They succeed in defeating the Savage, but the others are struggling with the big one. Hayato arrives just in time to save Claire and then protects Emila and Libby, but he is attacked and loses control once more.

Hundred Episode 3 Claire Harvey

What did you think?

I loved the action in this episode. The weapons the Hundred creates are varied and interesting and the whole fight scene was wonderfully choreographed. It also took up most of the episode so there really wasn’t any downtime. I also enjoy the development between Hayato and Claire and all the unfortunate “firsts” he keeps accidentally taking from her. It’s going to be a running joke, but I’m enjoying it so that’s fine.

Hayato also realised that Emile was a girl. Not only that, she was the girl he saved and as a result of trying to suck the poison out of her wound, he became what he is today – a Variant. It gives him a higher Hundred compatibility score but also has side effects such as the berserker rage which can only be stopped by introducing an inactive Savage virus. Emile did this by kissing Hayato. I’m absolutely enjoying this series.

Hundred Episode 3 Emile Crossfode

What have you learnt?

When this series focuses on action and comedy, it is great. Sure, some of it isn’t fairly original, but what is? I find that people are too quick to criticise and condemn things for being similar to other things. I remember seeing similar comments about God Eater and how it was a poor copy of Attack on Titan. Kabineri of the Iron Fortress received similar criticism. All of it was completely unfounded. Do you really think Attack on Titan was the first story to have cities with walls around them?

They say that good artists borrow, great artists steal. Now, that doesn’t mean that you take a story and completely rip it off. You take parts that inspire you and make them your own. Storytelling is just a sum of your life experiences anyhow. Literally, nothing is original anymore. So, don’t worry about whether it’s similar to something else. Worry about how it makes you feel. Are you enjoying it or not? I think that’s a better approach to take.

Hundred Episode 3 Emile Crossfode kissed Hayato Kisaragi

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