Hundred (Episode 6) – The Diva’s Love Song

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Hayato and Sakura’s bus was attacked by a Savage. A long way from help, they were the only thing standing between the Savage and the regular citizens. Hayato defeated it with Sakura’s help, but then another appeared!

Hundred (Episode 6) – The Diva’s Love Song

What happened?

Hayato attempted to take on the Savage alone. He had no choice and without his variable suit, he was finding it tougher than he’d imagined. Luckily, Sakura is also a Slayer and even though she has no weapon, she can defend, buying Hayato enough time to land a killer blow. However, they weren’t out of the woods yet as another Savage appeared. They had bought enough time for some backup to arrive though. Emilia, Retia, and Fritz jumped into action, although Emilia… I mean Emile was a little concerned about how close Hayato and Sakura were.

Anyhow, the Savage was able to heal itself and was causing more trouble than the first one. Then, three more Slayers appeared and started to fight back. Hayato didn’t recognise any of them and when pushed, these new Slayers pushed back hard. With more backup coming and the Savage destroyed and its core taken, the new Slayers vanished. After a lot of excitement, it was over and everyone survived. Now, on to the concert!

Hundred Episode 6 Hayato Kisaragi fighting a Savage

What did you think?

We saw a glimpse of these new Slayers in the glowing variant suits a couple of episodes back so it was nice to see them really show up. It also added a little more tension because as big and dangerous as the Savages are, they are starting to seem a little tame. I feel like we need to see some actual carnage to give them a little more authority. Anyhow, the new Slayers had some interesting tricks and seemed to be far more in the know than Hayato and the others.

I was glad that Charlotte took it upon herself to get them up to speed on several important pieces of information. There’s nothing more infuriating than everyone withholding the vital information from the people that really need to know. I get that in this instance there would be security clearance and such, but it makes sense to tell them. There was also a fairly casual if not completely unsubtle reference to the scientist that was responsible for Sakura’s voice. So, obviously, it’s all connected.

Hundred Episode 6 Sakura Kirishima in concert

What have you learnt?

I like that we’ve got to the end of the sixth episode and there are three fairly obvious love interests, even if Hayato isn’t completely aware of all of them. They didn’t all just instantly fall for him either. Emilia has a lot of history and with him living up to the image she’s obviously created that makes sense. With Claire, it’s more of a love-hate relationship. There have been several unfortunate incidents and that has made the connection between them. I think it actually took Claire almost as long to figure out her feelings too.

Then, we have Sakura who also has a history with Hayato. That’s nothing on its own though. It’s when you add in all the other connections such as being a Variant. I can see how someone that is looking for a reason to justify their feelings with latch onto anything that proves their right. As far as harems go, this has been done pretty well and no one seems to have just fallen for him for the sake of the plot. If anything, there are more girls that don’t see him that way.

Hundred Episode 6 Nesat with a Savage core

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