ID: Invaded (Episode 11) – Stormed

ID Invaded Title

Sakaido confronts Anaido and the reality that they now find themselves in. If this is Narihisago’s ID Well, and it’s from a later date than the one Hondomachi entered, they may be able to find her… maybe!

What happened?

Anaido attempted to goad Sakaido into killing him. He revealed that when he enters an ID Well, the whole in his head disappears and that brings back his condition which resulted in him trying to kill himself in the first place. In short, every time he entered an ID Well his main focus was on attempting to die. This explains why he was such a terrible Brilliant Detective. He has a condition called Arithmomania which is an obsessive-compulsive disorder that forces the sufferer to count everything. With the Well storm growing, it was surprisingly handy at hiding their actions, which was essential as it was likely that John Walker was watching somehow.

The managed to dig up Hondomachi and the other dive chair, pulling her out of the well with the well just as she figured out the identity of John Walker. Once back in Narihisago’s well and once her memories had returned thanks to Sakaido and Anaido filling her in, she revealed that the Chief was John Walker. They managed to return to Kaeru’s location and were successfully extracted. Hondomachi quickly told the team who John Walker was, but before they could do anything the power to the Mizuhanome was cut as the Chief hurried to extract Kiki’s body from a hidden room!

ID Invaded Episode 11 Sakaido and Miyo Hijiriido

What was your favourite element?

That would be the fact that I called it! Back in my review of episode 9, I said that the Chief was behind everything and it’s looking like I couldn’t be more right. I also mentioned that Kiki Asuka was somehow the force behind the Mizuhanome and I was also right. Yeah, me! The real kicker here is that it looks to me as if the Challenger was going rogue by targeting Kiki Asuka in the real world. I believe that this played against John Walker’s plans and was why he convinced the Challenger to kill Narihisago’s daughter, sending Narihisago on a path of vengeance and leading to the certain death of the Challenger. As I said, the Chief was behind everything. Everything!

ID Invaded Episode 11 Chief Takuhiko Hayaseura

What have you learnt?

I’ve talked about how with a mystery or anything that involves a twist that it should be possible for the audience to pick up on the clues and solve the mystery along with the characters involved. At this moment, I can’t state enough just how true this is. The fact that I worked it out two episodes ago didn’t change the feeling when it was finally revealed. If anything, I felt pretty good about myself. That’s a feeling that will no doubt change my perception of this show as a whole. I have loved it so thankfully, it’s not going to shift my stance from one side to another. It’s just increased the level of enthusiasm I’m feeling. Making the audience feel this way is just about the greatest thing you can do as a storyteller.

ID Invaded Episode 11 Kiki Asukai

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