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ID Invaded Title

Kika Asukai has been released from the Mizuhanome and has turned the Kura into one giant Mizuhanome, trapping everyone within inside a number of ID Wells. The Chief kills himself as he enters a Well to escape!

What happened?

As the agents of the Kura fell into the ID Wells of serial killers, Chief Hayaseura made his way to the dive room. Once inside, he shot Narihisago in the stomach and then himself. He climbed into the dive chair, activated the dive, and shot himself in the head, separating his consciousness from his body. So, when he arrived in his own ID Well there was no need for it to protect itself, leaving Hayaseura to remember everything and live on as John Walker. Narihisago and Hondomachi dived in too, ignoring Narihisago’s wound. Fukuda collapsed before he could join them.

Inside the Chief’s Well Sakaido and Miyo Hijiriido tried to track down John Walker, but he was able to jump from Well to Well with ease. He managed to trick them both into entering their own Wells, but it backfired. Now, Narihisago and Hondomachi remember everything and were able to escape once they found Kaeru. Meanwhile, outside of the Kura, Momoki has acquired the device that allowed Hayaseura to kidnap Kiki in the first place and is planning on heading in to face her.

ID Invaded Episode 12 Chief Takuhiko Hayaseura

What was your favourite element?

Honestly, I loved every minute of this one. From seeing all of the agents suddenly thrust into the various ID Wells, to the Gravedigger wandering through them causing more and more havoc. Saying that, I really enjoyed the moments between Hondomachi and Fukuda. They really did seem to be an odd couple and while I’m not convinced there was anything necessarily romantic between them, they did have a connection. It was almost sweet the way he saved her and ended up dying in the process. We’re yet to see how many of the people that die in the Well will die in real life. One of the analysts said that about 70% of the nurses that blacked out at the same time woke up, so it’s not guaranteed.

ID Invaded Episode 12 John Walker

What have you learnt?

It feels like we’ve been slowly building and building on the levels of insanity to the point that this almost feels like the natural path for the story to take whereas, in reality, it’s completely crazy. I think that’s probably why I’m enjoying it so much. We’re getting to enjoy a story that now has unlimited potential for the direction it goes in and yet there isn’t anything that doesn’t fit with the world we’ve been introduced to. That’s definitely something I’m going to take away from the series and like to develop with my own writing. How can I move things forward in a way that some completely bizarre situation seems like the most likely outcome? That is the question I shall continue to ask myself when I write.

ID Invaded Episode 12 Sakaido and Miyo Hijiriido

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