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With Hondomachi trapped in an ID Well within an ID Well and that ID Well being Narihisago’s, they send in the Perforator, but he keeps dying. Luckily, they’ve found Momoki’s ID Well so it’s on to plan B!

What happened?

Anaido, the Perforator’s Brilliant Detective moniker, enters Narihisago’s ID Well and attempts to make it to the Mizuhanome cockpit so that he can eject Hondomachi, but he’s clearly not as good a detective and keeps dying. Matsuoka finds an intent to kill at Momoki’s house, but it’s in the bedroom of all places and not on the corpse or the John Walker costume. Small detail aside, they decide to send Sakaido and Anaido into the ID Well together in the hopes of finding more information. Acting Director, Togo hopes that they’ll find another cockpit and get some more answers about Kiki Asukai. Amazingly, they do find the cockpit and it is linked to Kiki’s ID Well and Sakaido decides to go in. Meanwhile, Momoki finds out and warns them that it’s a trap, but his warnings fall on deaf ears.

ID Invaded Episode 8 Sakaido and Anaido in Momoki's Well

What was your favourite element?

I actually enjoyed having the two Brilliant Detectives in the same ID Well. It made for a nice way to deliver a little more exposition as the two bounced off one another with their questions and deductions. I am a little surprised that everyone is so quick to believe the Momoki story, especially as they’ve just deduced that someone close to them must be involved. I know Momoki fits the bill, but it still doesn’t add up to me and there have been enough clues to make the others question the accusation too. Wasn’t it odd that they entered “Momoki”‘s ID Well and found nothing of him there?

Also, finding the intent to kill in the bedroom makes me think that Kiki is somehow involved in everything and may even be John Walker. She was the only survivor of the Challenger after all… how convenient! Basically, the whole thing feels like a setup and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out the Sakaido is about to be trapped when Anaido leaves him there.

ID Invaded Episode 8 Momoki tries to warn them it's a trap

What have you learnt?

So, they’ve kind of lost their way a little, especially with the Momoki revelation. How could he possibly know that the ID Well they found was a trap? I can only assume that he was confident that it wasn’t his, but now someone is able to plant and/or create fake intent to kill particles. We’re definitely getting to the point where we need to start getting some answers. There have been lots of questions and everyone should have some theories running now, so let’s see where things are at. I am enjoying the series, but there comes a time when you have to start giving the audience something to work with. If you’re going to give us more questions, at least drop an answer or two here and there. Don’t keep us in the dark too long, we might fall asleep.

ID Invaded Episode 8 Sakaido and Anaido trying to survive the heat

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